Do's and Don'ts for Giving Cats Medicince

Before I share the wisdom I've learned this past week, I just want to point out a change around here. Take a look at the  address bar. Somehow I magically figured out how to set  up my domain name.

Moving on now, last week I mentioned I had a sick kitty. He's on 2 antibiotics a day,  for 7 days.

Through trial and error I learned how to give meds to a cat. Dogs are pretty easy. All you need to do is stick it in a hot dog and they eat it right up. My sister wraps it in some cheese. As long as there is food involved they will eat it.
Cats are finicky. As any cat owner will tell you. They do what they want, when they want it. First, let me share how NOT to give medicine to a cat.

Don't mix it with wet cat food and stick it in the floor. Especially if you have 2 dogs and 5 other cats. I'm not 100% sure the pill wasn't eaten by a dog.

 Don't try to hold kitty and stick it down his throat. He will scratch you and spit the pill out. 

Don't just give the pill to him with his regular food. They will eat everything except the pill.

You could wrap them in a towel, gently open the kittys mouth and drop the pill in be careful not to choke them, but get it far enough back in the throat. Eventually you may not even have to wrap them in a towel.

Also a good tip is make it a two person job, One person holds kitty and the other open the mouth and drops it in.

How to tell if your cat is sick

Yesterday Sebastian or Cat Max as I call him, had to go to the vet. Poor thing was acting lethargic. As soon as we entered the office, he perked up and was active. Why is it as soon as a dr is involved the patient acts all better? The appointment went something like this:
Dr: Why are we here today?
Me:  He is acting lethargic and not acting like himself. I also think he feels a little skinny.
Dr: Looks at cat using me as a climbing tree and giving me nose kisses...Lethargic? Really? Well is he eating well? Using the bathroom?
Me: Yeah everything else is fine he is just lethargic and not himself. 
Dr: Ok Let's take his temp.....He looked at me surprised and said he did have a high fever. Then asked me what he is like when he isn't sick.

Poor Kitty couldn't fool the thermometer, and after a round of blood work to check for FIV and leukemia we learned he doesn't have anything scary and will get better with a round of antibiotics and a shot of anti-inflammatory meds.
But something I learned if your kitty isn't acting like itself, they can still be sick. Also something I learned. If your kitty is fighting off an infection/virus they will start showing their third eyelid. I didn't even know they had a third eyelid. When you look your kitty in the eye, you will (if they are sick) notice a little white area at the corners of their eye. That's the third eyelid. You can kinda see it in the picture.

Another thing I learned the other cats will avoid the sick kitty. Fenney and Max are usually all lovey dovey, they could snuggle and groom each other for hours. The minute he got sick she avoided him. As soon as he started perking back up thanks to the meds she was snuggled up to him again.


Wednesday Confessions

 I was so glad Godaddy said they would do all the hard work for you and connect the domain and blog together. I have only tried to do that for 2 years.Apparently they did not actually do that for me, because its still showing up as blogspot. Seriously, I hate this.

I apparently have given up posting on Tuesdays. Its like Monday takes so much out of me that I just can't gather the energy for Tuesday.

Speaking of giving up something. I gave up Dr. Pepper for Lent. I've done great. Even when I have gone out to eat, I would only drink 7up. But, yesterday I was REALLY wanting a Dr. Pepper. Instead I got a Pepsi. That was the first drink of caffeine I've had since Lent started. It made me feel terrible. I had a headache and body aches. I'm pretty sure I am just done with caffeine all together now.

I discovered Max does like toys. He just doesn't like any of the squeaky toys I have been buying. I caught him playing with the cats toy balls. I bought some really small tennis balls that he could catch in his mouth.

I need a deck with a roof. Max wants to explore everything in the yard before he does his business and comes inside.Yesterday was not much fun standing in the rain waiting.

Speaking of rescues. I'm joining an animal rescue organization in my town. I can't foster, I have a house full as it is. But, I can transport and things like that. I am really excited. Now if I can just keep from adopting any more.

Either my grandma was a super trendy 70+ year old, or I dress like an old lady. I inherited her clothes and took a tote full. Out of that tote, Abbey stole a bunch for herself. I am happy that I didn't have to hem any. Wonder where I get my height from? I can almost hear her fussing at me for my choice of shoes or bag with each outfit.

Making Melissa

I {heart} Apple and a Max update

Last Sunday my iphone had a nasty spill. Actually I should say my cats are assholes and dumped a cup of water on it. I didn't realize they had, and it laid in the water for probably 20 minutes. I tried putting it in rice. That didn't help at all. My phone was gone. I immediately got on AT&T and checked out the replacement option. Nope wasn't going to happen. I still think they are raping their customers withe the next plan. Anyway, I found a great deal on eBay. Friday my replacement phone came in.  They even sent a sparkly case.

I switched his sim card for mine, imagine my surprise when that icloud thing I didn't know how to work a few months ago, just magically worked. My phone didn't lose anything. I had my pictures, my notes, my contacts, my apps and even my text messages. The only thing missing was any messages that were sent to me the 5 days I was phone-less. I love that apple backs everything up for me. Because I am sure this will not be the last emergency phone change I have to make.

I want to give you an update on Max. This little sweetie has really come out of his shell. At first he wouldn't leave my room. When I left for work he hid under my bed. Last night I was tucking Emmy in bed, and he wanted to go to sleep. He came into her room and whimpered then ran back to my bed. He did that several times. Then I went to Abbey's room to help her with something and he kept doing it. Finally I was ready to follow him and he curled up beside me and fell asleep. He plays with the cats and play wrestles Wes to get the spot beside me. He no longer has to eat while hiding. His hearing is well enough that  he sings along when the girls sing. Its too precious. Sometimes the lack of vision gives him some trouble. But I try to make sure I give him treats or attach the leash on the side he sees well out of.
He is dragging a take out bag around because I didn't get him anything. I know I'm a bad pet owner. He still doesn't know what  to do with toys, and attaching the leash scares him still. But he has come a long way in just a week.


I admit it, I laughed

Its been a week since my grandma died. Honestly, I think I'm still somewhat in shock. I didn't see her that often and it just doesn't seem real.

But, I have a confession. I laughed at her funeral. Not during the visitation part, when everyone acts like its a family reunion (or is that just my family?) I mean the actual funeral.

Anyway. The same preacher that made me laugh during papaws funeral, almost 11years ago, did it again. He said, "Bob was a quiet man" that doesn't seem so funny? Well papaw had a tracheotomy almost 20 years before and instead of talking with an electronic device, everything just came out like a whisper.

But back to grandma. He said "Wandena, was a voracious reader. You always saw her with a book, and she would want you to read your bible like she had." Now, my grandma did love to read, she always had a book. But, I had never seen her read the bible. Instead she use to say she liked a little smut in her books. The woman would read any romance novel she could get her hands on. She helped develop my love of  books and reading.  I cut my teeth on her Harlequin collection. She had so many romance novels the ladies in the neighborhood would treat her house like a library. They would take large brown paper bags full at a time. Papaw once built her a room to hold all her books, It wasn't big enough. I once counted all her books It was over a thousand and that was when I was about 7. Who knows what her highest total was.

Do I feel bad for laughing? No, If my grandparents where listening to that. They would have laughed too. Soon after Papaws tracheotomy, he wasn't able to even talk yet. He was mad at me about something and mouthing what ever it was I did wrong and wildly gesturing. I said "well you don't have to shout at me" He immediately burst into laughter, and whatever I had done was forgotten.  I hope that when its my time, someone finds something funny to laugh about.

Why I am NOT upgrading my contract with ATT

I had to say goodbye to my trusted sidekick. My iphone bit the dust on Sunday night. I've been grieving and going through withdrawals. I knew I used it a lot, but I had no idea how much I relied on it. It was my clock, alarm, flashlight, calculator. The notes section was my second brain. I dumped anything and everything I needed to remember there.

I turned to to see what my options are. Basically, my option is to let ATT screw me over.

Remeber, back when you renewed your contract and paid just a few dollars for your phone? Well that is looooong gone. They have a new plan in place now. The NEXT plan. With this plan  you pay  22-32 extra a month for 30 months (depending on what phone) but after 24 months you can trade the phone in for a new one. Right off the bat it sounds sketchy. Since you would be renewing the contract in 24 months anyway. I did some quick math. If you want an iphone 6 you will pay 900 dollars over the course of the plan. I'm sorry but no phone is worth almost a thousand dollars, to me. Yes I know they are like little computers, but I just bought a cute pink HP netbook and paid only 200 for it. So technology isn't the reason its costing so much.

Yes they started rollover data. But I never come close to using my data, since I am near wifi almost all the time. I would rather have a cheaper bill then rollover data that may never be used.

What I did instead was buy a used phone on ebay (praying it actually works) It should be here soon. I am thinking about switching to something prepaid. I'm just not happy with how they are treating customers who have been with them as long as I have.


Meet Max

Hi I'm max. I know what you're thinking. Didn't my new mommy have a cat named Max? She did/does. She's the only one who ever called cat Max by that name. So, she gave in and let my new sisters name him Sebastian. How did I I end up as Max? Mom really likes a movie called the Princess Bride. My puppy brother Westley is also named after that movie, so is my cousin Inigo Montoya. Anyway, in the movie there is a character that makes miracles happen. Mom said that's me, Miracle Max. Its a miracle I'm even alive.

Two weeks ago I lived with really bad people. I had 42 puppy brothers and sisters. Finding food was hard. Finding love was even harder. My hair was never brushed and I just saw a dr for the first time. I was taken from that house and put in puppy prison. I was really scared, but my cell mate was ok. I'm just happy that mom saw my mug shot on line and decided she had to spring me.

My mom said I'm blind in one eye and may be deaf in one ear. I had a bad infection. It hurt really bad. Mom loves me anyway and I love her. She carries me around because I get really scared and want to hide under the bed. I like it when she carries me. She also lets me sleep beside her. I like that a lot.

There are lots of other pets in the house but there is always enough food and love for everyone. Mom said she is going to teach me what toys are and a leash so we can go for walks outside.
Having this little baby home for the last few days has been interesting. Westley does not like other dogs, but he has taken to little Max. The cats are fascinated with this little boy that is scared of everything. At first he would sneak in to the kitchen to eat. Now he will eat in front of me, but unless I carry the food to a room so its away from the other animals, he just grabs a mouth full and runs off to hide. I can't even imagine the horror this sweetie has faced in his life.



At roughly 8:30 yesterday I lost my last remaining grandparent. I grew up beside both sets of grandparents. I was at their houses all the time. It feels so weird to not have any grandparents. I had such a good relationship growing up with all of my grandparents.

My grandmother that passed away yesterday was the person that told me I should start shaving my legs and showed me how. I remember her taking a balloon and covering it with shaving cream and I practiced with a razor on the balloon.

She was the grandma that was almost obsessed with shoes being clean and white. She taught me how to use shoe polish.

She's the grandma that always made sure I had Dr. Pepper and Cheese popcorn everyday after school.

She's the grandma that shared a birthday with my ex boyfriend and the reason I could remember his birthday. 

She's the grandma that use to tell me  to always look my best because you never know when you will run into your future husband.

She's the grandma that would perm my hair every new years eve. I ended up with very fried and brittle hair.

She's the grandma that I get my depression from.

She's the grandma that I get my inability to cook, and skill at burning water from.


Flirting is hard work

Last week, I got a call from the guy I bought my house from. It was completely out of the blue. I hadn't spoken to him since the day I closed on the house. I can't remember if I mentioned back then or not but he is hot and recently divorced and currently in Baghdad. If my googling of time difference is correct that means he called me at 5am, his time. We talked for a long time about random things. He asked if I wanted to go Kayaking, fishing, or Snorkling (but maybe he said scuba diving my head was spinning by that point)

After the call I felt like such an idiot. I can't help saying or doing stupid things when I am nervous. Its a bad trait whenever I am nervous not just while talking to guys. Its actually part of my professional development plan because my boss wants me to appear more professional instead of class clownish.  Those are my words not hers. I can't help it when I feel nervous I try to be funny. Try being the key word. I want to share with you some of my most memorable stupid comments while attempted to talk to guys.

So when Captain America (and if he ever googles me and reads that I call him that I will again me dying of embarrassment) asked me if people had been getting pears off my pear tree (no euphemism I really have a pear tree in my backyard.) I said yeah they have and I had to find a fake partridge to put in the tree. He sounded confused. I know a partridge in pear tree? I felt like the pear tree needed a partridge in it. I kinda felt like a crazy person after I said that.

While on a first date to see Mortal Kombat (damn that was a loooong time ago) I got so excited when Liu Kang showed up on screen because I thought it was Tommy Lee from the Best of the Best movies. In a crowded movie theater, full of gamers, I shouted OMG is that Tommy Lee Jones. I don't think there was a person in the theater not laughing at me. I literally wanted to climb under the seat. Oddly enough I got a second date. No clue why.

I once had a serious crush on a really cute football/basketball/baseball player from another school. He was really talented and did I mention cute? I wanted to go out with him but had no idea what to say. So I made a list of possible topics. I can't remember exactly how I got his number, but I talked myself into calling and then started reading the list of topics in order to keep the very awkward conversation going. Finally he stopped me and asked if I was reading from a list. I stuttered no and then gave an excuse to hang up. Not surprising I never heard from him again.

 Once I was on a date with a guy, the date was doomed from the start. He was really tall and drove a little sports car. Every time he got into the car he would knock his drink into my lap. I had on white pants. This happened probably 3 times during the night. At one point I said "Hey, that's my dad." He got paranoid and asked where. I pointed to his radio. My dad was a radio announcer and the guy had turned the radio to dads station. He kept acting weird until I finally asked to be taken home.

This isn't even counting the times I've tripped on a flat surface, walked into doors, got my hair stuck in car doors, and opened my mouth to speak and had Dr. Seuss inspired gibberish come out.

Please tell me I am not the only person that just can't handle the flirting/dating scene.

Just Add Glitter A Bathroom Makeover

Before I share my CYOA from last month I have to point out I have a name change. I mentioned yesterday that I was thinking about it. As soon as Abbey asked why everything was covered in Cat Hair and Glitter I knew it had  to be my new name. Nothing I have ever created has been more fitting.

I still haven't gotten to bring my new baby home from the shelter. I can't wait to introduce him to a nice loving home.

So February's theme was create. I chose my bathroom before it was a plain and brown. Now it looks like this.
 I made this buy cutting the word sparkle out of glitter Christmas wrapping paper. I attached it to the canvas using spray adhesive.

 I love this container. I can separate all of our hair things and have a place to store our sunglasses. We may have a sunglasses hoarding problem. But people once you get eye wrinkles you can't unget them. So we always cover our eyes.
 I used more glitter Christmas wrap and spray adhesive. My walls are plaster so disregard the crazy texture.
More uses for the Christmas wrap. 
I found Audrey at Goodwill. She was in an ugly frame. After changing out the frame I think she looks awesome. Bonus in this movie her name was Holly :)

March's theme is Relationships. I will be getting a 6 year old Shih Tzu that was so neglected it is half blind and half deaf use to living with the rest of my gang. That won't be an easy feat. I also have a secret goal that I can't really share but some of you may guess.

Life According to Steph


I love the serial podcast. I listened to it while I painted my kitchen. I love that it starts with her saying I spent my year trying to figure out what a group of teenagers did on an afternoon ten years ago. Well I am trying to figure out what happened on a day last month to make my usual page views per day shoot up to almost 500. It just happens on one day and then back  to normal. I must have missed my 15 minutes of fame.

I am rescuing another furball this week. I can't  remember if I ever mentioned that I hope to one day start a Shih Tzu rescue. I am so in love with that breed. It happened the first moment I ever met one. Well this week I noticed one online it was at a shelter. Its very scared and half blind and half deaf from neglect. Its going to the vet this week so we will know more about it. But I had to have it. I couldn't let that sweet baby spend another night in the shelter. So as soon as he has his vet visit I will have another member of my menagerie.

We are eyeballs deep in volley ball, drama and choir, for Emmy and Band for Abbey. Thankfully Academic Team is over for now.

I am kinda thinking about a blog name change. I know I just did that last year. but I can't help it I get bored. Cat hair and Glitter. Abbey ran her hand on my dashboard and said why is everything covered in cat hair and glitter. I instantly loved it. Because its the truth.

We are suppose to get another 6-10 inches of snow. On the bright side I have a ton of days saved up that I could take off if it gets bad, I DON'T need to make the journey to the store for milk and bread. unless one of the girls sleep walks and eats it all. We are good. I'm just dreading shoveling the driveway again and the possibility of my water freezing or the gutters on the back of my house falling. To replace my front gutters its going to be 160. Not as bad as I thought, so I am relieved about that. But I definitely learned an expensive lesson. clean the gutters out. Ice+Snow+a million leaves= a catastrophe.

Emmy had crazy hair day at school on Monday. Pinterest to the rescue. This was so easy. We made 5 little buns then took pipe cleaners, twisted them up and bobby pinned them in place. They don't give awards for craziest hair, but I think, if they did, she would have won.


Financial Peace Final Thoughts

I posted waaay back that I was doing the Dave Ramsey financial Peace. Since then we've missed one class for snow, missed another for volley ball, and looks like I will be missing the rest for volley ball. So I wanted to share what I got out of the class.

  • After the first class I realized what the pace/layout of the class was going to be and got bored FAST. We watch a video of Dave doing a live presentation, then answer some questions. 
  • If you have the workbook which comes with the class I feel like you don't actually need to be there. The questions he asks and even the key points are in the booklet. 
  • I just don't have it in me to use the envelope method. When I have cash I either lose it or I spent it. Either way it doesn't stay near me. I like the idea of having money allotted or budgeted out for stuff but not necessarily put it in an envelope. I check my bank balance often I even have the app for my bank on my phone and check at the least every other day. So I am usually able to keep track of my spending.
  • I am not a fan of the zero balance budget. Basically, you budget everything you make down to the penny. I have been doing a budget but mine is different. I budget the bills and other expenses then try to spend as little as possible. What's left at the end of that pay period goes into savings.
  • Personally, I think watching a video of someone give a presentation to a group is boring and I really don't want to leave my house in the cold to sit through that for a couple of hours.
  • I love the idea of immediately putting a thousand dollars in savings and then starting to pay off all of your debt. He recommends smallest amount you owe to greatest because you will see the return faster if you are paying off little things first. I only owe on 3 things, my car which will be paid off in a few months (OMG last weekend I wanted to buy a new car so bad I had self control though and didn't) I also still owe student loans and my house. I don't see the other two things being paid off anytime soon. But I am ok with that Its manageable. 
  • Dave hates credit cards. I use to, because I didn't use them right and got into trouble. When I was trying to buy my house I was told by the lady who did my credit repair and my mortgage company to get a card because it boosts your credit score. I finally gave in and it really did help my score. I got it through the same company that I have my house through. I rarely use it and always pay it off. I think that is the key. If you aren't responsible enough not to max it out and then skip payments, then don't have one. But if you can use it responsibly then they do help.

What does it even matter

This phrase probably pisses me off more than any other phrase. Its because this phrase is rarely if ever an actual question wondering why something is important, Its almost always intended as a sarcastic I don't know why you are making a big deal of this, or I don't care so why do you care.

I was talking to a friend of mine and someone mentioned Angelina Jolie. I pointed out that she and I are the same age, but that I think she looks older. (if you disagree.... then what does it even matter lol)

The friend stopped me and said Why does this even matter? Well ok in the big picture of the world, it doesn't matter. But, in the big picture of the world most things don't matter, yet we care about them anyway. I'm really particular about looking young, because we only have one shot at keeping healthy skin and once we have wrinkles and sags they are pretty much there forever. Unless we want to look like a plastic freak.

 I care way more than I should that people wear Pajamas out in public. Does it physically bother me? Only that one time that the guys super huge stomach hung down to his knees and his shirt only came to his waste band. That did make me want to vomit.

The friend who said that, cares way more than any sane person should if the University of Kentucky wins or loses a ball game. Do I ever stop her and ask, What does it even matter? Hmmm yeah I probably do now.

My old roommate use to curse the saying Don't sweat the small stuff, its all small stuff. To me this is the same principle. Maybe I am not sweating or worrying about it, but its still important to me for reasons unknown  to everyone.

Another example:
I keep a small plastic tote full of paint chips because I like changing the color of things often. I love color and could never have a house that is all white or another neutral color throughout. I just can't function. It literally makes me anxious. No clue why, it just does. I go through the tote fairly often when I get an idea to paint something. I get asked why does it even matter what color a room is. As long as the room meets your needs by having furniture what does it even matter? Well it matters because I like color and I want color around me. I may have not folded towels in a week and the basket my be falling over and I may have more crafting supplies than I need and they may be taking over my closet, but I at least want the walls to make me happy. The world will not end if I have to live with an ugly paint color but why should I have to?

Final Example:
The snow and ice we've had weighed my gutter down and half of it fell. Only it was just hanging. It looked really redneck ghetto. I called someone who came to look at it and see if it could be saved. Of course it couldn't because its my luck that when it fell it broke in several places. So I am getting a new gutter. But before the person came too look at it and take the droopy part off I was moaning about how awful it looked. Again I heard, What does it even matter? Someone is coming to fix it, its not a big deal. Except to me it is. I knew I wasn't going to be without a gutter so long that it would damage my roof, but I still didn't want every car driving by looking at a big piece of hanging gutter and assuming I'm a lazy slob that doesn't care about the curb appeal and also I had a fear that I'd get a not so nice letter from the city telling me that they think I'm a lazy bum. Now the weather forecast for the weak is rain. I'm grateful I live on a hill. Maybe I can escape some weather related home damage this weak. look at all those leaves.....Guess who is buying gutter guards for her new gutters?!? me, Because cleaning the gutters is a hard job.

Something I wanted to shout WTF does it even matter over. That damn dress that was allover facebook last week, Is it blue/black or White/Gold who cares are you buying the dress? If not then lets move on.

Something that made me laugh this weekend. Emmy competed in the district governors cup comp. this was the sign hanging on the door as we walked in. Now I am such a bad speller, I didn't even notice.
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