Just Add Glitter A Bathroom Makeover

Before I share my CYOA from last month I have to point out I have a name change. I mentioned yesterday that I was thinking about it. As soon as Abbey asked why everything was covered in Cat Hair and Glitter I knew it had  to be my new name. Nothing I have ever created has been more fitting.

I still haven't gotten to bring my new baby home from the shelter. I can't wait to introduce him to a nice loving home.

So February's theme was create. I chose my bathroom before it was a plain and brown. Now it looks like this.
 I made this buy cutting the word sparkle out of glitter Christmas wrapping paper. I attached it to the canvas using spray adhesive.

 I love this container. I can separate all of our hair things and have a place to store our sunglasses. We may have a sunglasses hoarding problem. But people once you get eye wrinkles you can't unget them. So we always cover our eyes.
 I used more glitter Christmas wrap and spray adhesive. My walls are plaster so disregard the crazy texture.
More uses for the Christmas wrap. 
I found Audrey at Goodwill. She was in an ugly frame. After changing out the frame I think she looks awesome. Bonus in this movie her name was Holly :)

March's theme is Relationships. I will be getting a 6 year old Shih Tzu that was so neglected it is half blind and half deaf use to living with the rest of my gang. That won't be an easy feat. I also have a secret goal that I can't really share but some of you may guess.

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