snowmageddon 2015-Hurts so Good

You know the snow is bad when the university cancels classes for the entire week. When i finally made it to my office it was 45 degrees...inside my office.

Looking at all this beautiful but frigid white stuff makes me remember big storms from my childhood.

We lived about a 20 minute drive, on curvy roads from  the closest town. So, instead of stocking up on the traditional milk and bread, we had to think about what would happen if we lost our electricity, which happened a lot. Candles, board games and food that can be heated on a heater were our staples.

Once We hooked a car battery up (no clue how we did this) but we had a light and could listen to the radio. One night we were listening to a call in show. A woman called in to request Hurt So Good. When the DJ asked if there was a story behind the request she said "Oh yes! I like to drink and then dance on my 3 legged table. Sometimes I fall off, when I do it hurts so good."

I just can't unlearn something like that. I really wanted to see what this 3 legged table dancing looking like. To everyone snowed in, and fighting cabin fever please don't try dancing on a 3 legged table. Or actually, just don't dance on a table.


  1. They *finally* got around to scraping the roads in our subdivision and the surrounding area this morning, so I guess the very worst is past, here. Of the ten times I've had to go in or out since the snow hit, I'd gotten solidly stuck during eight of them. I eventually got pissed off and threw Barb's old rock hammer in the back of the car.
    Has the snow been making you sleepy/tired? It seems like no matter how much I sleep this week, I can't get myself fully rested; I feel like crawling back into bed just a few hours later.

  2. Brr. I would be SO over all that snow.

  3. So now the real question is: was it a round table? Or was it a square table that was missing a leg?

  4. I was over it before it even came. I hate the cold

  5. That is the question we have been pondering for years. Either way, it just didn't sound safe....and why would she try it more than once?

  6. Dancing on a three-legged table?! Sounds like that lady's snow essentials included alcohol, too. We don't have quite that much snow, we did last year. Hang in there...spring is right around the corner!


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