Rescued is my favorite breed

The Budweiser lost dog commercial seriously made me choke back tears. How sweet is it that the Clydesdale's came to his rescue and helped him find his way back home?

It reminded me of the babies I've rescued and how their lives could have been so much worse if they hadn't ended up with me. No matter what they tell people when I'm not around. 

Warning: Cuteness overload!

This is my boy Westley. No one loves me as much as he does. I found him when I worked for a home health company. He was living in a teeny tiny camper trailer and when he saw me he wouldn't let me put him down. He barked and carried on until I picked him back up. Thankfully his owner gave him to me. Because I loved him at first sight too.

This is Tiger AKA Tiges. He was found at Cheerleading practice. He was starving and was trying to climb in my purse looking for food. He wandered off and I noticed some kids throwing him back and forth to each other. No parent in sight. So I walked over to them and demanded they hand me the cat. I told them that you do NOT ever throw an animal. Tiger, although at the time we called him Princess Sparkles, had a respiratory infection. It was after the vet visit to get antibiotics that we found out he was not a Princess. He loves to lay in the window and look at the traffic going by.

Phoenix Nebula AKA Fenney and Fenna-roo. A favorite saying is Fenna-roo I choose you...very Pokemon. She was a stray that was found at my moms house. When I got her, she would fit in my hand. She is a mute, so we have to keep close eye on her. If she was to get out, or accidentally shut into a closet we'd never know. We also have to watch her body language for signs because she can't meow to let us know she wants something. Her favorite place to to lay with me under the electric blanket. I think she has learned how to turn it on.

I call this guy Max, Abbey calls him Sebastian. I say I win because Max is on his paperwork at the vet. He has a few nicknames too. Maximus Prime. Gluteus Maximus. Maximilian. 007. Toothless. (from the how to train your dragon, not because he has no teeth) He was found at the house of a friend of mine. He's been with us the least amount of time.

 This is Arabella. She was rescued by friends of mine when she was teeny tiny. When I got her she fit in my hand. Someone had thrown her out, barely weaned, at a restaurant. She also had a respiratory infection. They were moving and couldn't take her with them. They were looking at a house to rent but some bitchy lady (me) bought the house before they put their contract in. So I did the nicest thing I could think of and took their cat. She loves to be carried. She LOVES riding around on your shoulders and sleeping on your neck. But she is so sweet I can't say no.
This is Ollie. He was rescued from the campus of Eastern Kentucky University when he was a baby. I'm not sure what his life was like before I got him but he is still timid around males. He loves to hide inside things. Just this morning he drug a little blanket inside a basket and was curled up with it. 

This is Katniss you can tell by the look on her face that she lives up to her name. She is the grumpiest cat I've ever met. She rules her kingdom from the climbing tree that she allows no other cat to climb. She was thrown out by someone and found at my ex husbands house. The girls saw her and brought her to my house. We love her even if she is moody and doesn't like to be touched.

So there you have it proof of the crazy cat lady that I am. It's my goal to start a small breed rescue specifically for Shih Tzu's but Westley really hates other dogs so I don't want to bring any new ones in. But one day the Princess Buttercup's Home for Wayward Shih Tzu's will be opened. We have an awesome rescue in the town that I live in,  that does amazing work. They really try to help all animals. I just know my limitations and I don't have the space to foster anything big. They were able to rescue a momma Shih Tzu that escaped a puppy mill and was found giving birth. They gave the momma and her babies to my favorite Shih Tzu Rescue, Bluegrass Shih Tzu Rescue. The babies and mom will be up for adoption in about 8 weeks.


  1. That's a nice mop you've got there (the dog) but I love those cats. Fenney has such pretty coloring. And did you say mute? That must be odd. I'm used to all of my animals 'talking' to me. However, one of my cats can't meow. She squeaks. It sounds like that would be annoying, but the cuteness factor has not worn off yet.

  2. You should see the dog when he needs to be groomed. Fenney is completely mute. Its extremely weird. All the other cats meow and make other cat noises. She doesn't do anything. But she is a sweetie and I think the prettiest cat I have.

  3. Wow. I had no idea you had so many pets! Kudos for rescuing so many animals in need of a home! Ryan and I want another dog (mostly to keep our current one company), but we have to wait until we live somewhere with less restrictive pet policies.

  4. Thats so sweet. I have such a soft heart for animals. I would save them all if I could.

  5. I love rescue pets! My pup was found in a drug house that was raided. A lady from animal control took him, because he was so young and bottle fed him until he was old enough for a home :)

  6. I've waited a long time to be able to rescue as many as I have. I've had Westley and Tiger for 5 years, Katniss for almost 3. The rest have all been in the last year.

  7. Cute pictures. I am a huge cat person.


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