Love is in the air....oh wait thats just snow

You have no idea how hard it is for me to start a blog post that doesn't start with So.... I guess I try to write like I talk and apparently I start everything with so....

Anyway, Last week I mentioned that my Valentines Days had always sucked. Like truly sucked. This year was actually pretty decent. I got a gift card to Victoria Secret. They were having a sale so that was a major plus.

Then I painted my bathroom. I'll post pictures when its all put back together. I swear I have no idea how home improvement bloggers do it. I just don't feel like doing this everyday, or even once a week.

I also got this text. Its from an ex of mine. He and I dated off and on throughout high school. We couldn't seem to ever get things to line up for us after school. It really made me swoon. It also made me think of Broke Back Mountain.

Speaking of things from that long ago, We are suppose to get our biggest snow storm in 15 years today. I'm happy because I am off work today. I could call in the rest of the week If I needed too because I hoard vacation days, but I could also walk  to work. I am so happy I don't live in the country anymore. I don't worry about snow, or my electric going out or any of the other things you have to worry about living even 5 miles away from the city. Small town living is fun sometimes.

Its pretty predictable. When a snow storm of any magnitude is coming, and I literally mean any magnitude. The forecast could say .5 inches and it will be the same as if they said 3 feet. There are three things that will take place. This is every single time.

1. The posts will start. It will increase in emotional pitch. From pretty calm to the superintendent is an idiot why haven't they called school yet. Even if no snow has fallen yet. This goes for all districts. We are already out for the holiday, but my friends at other schools, have already started the posts. 
2. There will be a mad dash to the nearest store for the following essentials Milk and bread and possibly eggs. This always struck me as strange. Growing up we lived in the middle of nowhere and would lose power for a week at a time. Which meant our milk went bad unless we stored it outside.
3. Once the snow starts there will be so many car wrecks you will think you are watching demolition derby.
 Another perk of living in town. I can sit on my bed, and watch the cars slip and slide. So while
 we may be buried under a million inches of snow, I will be snuggled under my electric blanket watching netflix until my eyes blur.


  1. Aww that's a sweet text. You should date him.

  2. Lucky you, being off today. I got called in for an emergency extra 12-hour shift in this mess. ><

  3. Wow, what a beautiful text. I love the use of Internet slang. 'lol idk but i miss u 4 real grl' Even as a guy I swooned a little.

    Brokeback Mountain 2015: lol y cnt i quit u bro

    I love that whole rush to the grocery store thing. Are people really not prepared to survive for 24 hours? No one has stocked THAT much food just in case, and will starve to death before the storm is over?

  4. I admit I rushed to Lowes. I was thinking if I'm snowed in I at least want to get something done. So I bought paint. I love the pics of empty bread and milk aisles all my friends posted.

  5. ugggh I hate that. Drive carefully.

  6. you will like that he dislikes Tony Stewart too. We have such a crazy history

  7. I'm your newest follower! Found you from Airing My Dirty Laundry. Glad to know my city isn't the only one in full-blown panic because of the snow :)
    Can't wait to read some more of your blog! Happy snow day!
    Jessica @

  8. That is an incredibly sweet text!

    Ugh snow. We got ice today.

  9. We are full on crazy hysterical panic mode. Except for me. I already got my milk and bread so I'm watching Netflix all day. Thanks for following me, I'm heading over to check your blog out. I just adore Airing my Dirty Laundry, she's great.

  10. I don't think we have ice. Although I haven't been outside so its possible. He really is a great guy.

  11. We get snow, and are still expected to work. Last snow storm, I shoveled 8 inches, only to have the city plow go by and dump snow in front of my driveway...awesome!

  12. Phew! I definitely don't miss those days! I mean, I miss having the snow as an excuse to stay home and snuggle up with a book, but I don't miss the actual snow part!

  13. oh that sucks. I felt guilty calling in to work, because I live only a mile away and on the main road. So I feel like I need to try.

  14. I hate snow and cold, but I do admit a couple of snow days are good. I'm pretty much ready for everything to be back to regular routine though.


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