Since I completely missed Confession Wednesday I felt like I needed to make up for it.

Emmy has joined volleyball and loves it so far. Since she also does drama, academic team, and choir we are literally running from one activity to another.

Why must kids sports cost so much? Not the sign up fee, but all the equipment.

My water froze again on Monday. I had a work meeting 2 hours away from my house. My ex husband (the girl's dad) was super nice enough to come to my house and add a light to my pipes and extra insulation. It thawed and hasn't frozen back.

We are suppose to get  more snow and I am so over it.

We have planned to go shopping for 3 weeks now and something always keeps popping up. This week is the academic team competition.

I have binged watched Selling New York on Netflix. I am sad I only have 3 episodes left.


  1. and today I came home to gutters that have fallen and busted because they were full of ice. Seriously. I am ready for a break.

  2. Oh, wow, go Emma!! I remember being so involved in middle and high school too, and now I'm in bed eating pizza at noon... oh how the mighty have fallen ;)

  3. me too. I am so lazy now.

  4. More snow?! Ugh.

    I agree about sports costing a lot. The school I teach at seems reasonable when compared to other districts, but I know our cheerleaders and football players spend a ton of money each year on shoes and uniforms.


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