Since I completely missed Confession Wednesday I felt like I needed to make up for it.

Emmy has joined volleyball and loves it so far. Since she also does drama, academic team, and choir we are literally running from one activity to another.

Why must kids sports cost so much? Not the sign up fee, but all the equipment.

My water froze again on Monday. I had a work meeting 2 hours away from my house. My ex husband (the girl's dad) was super nice enough to come to my house and add a light to my pipes and extra insulation. It thawed and hasn't frozen back.

We are suppose to get  more snow and I am so over it.

We have planned to go shopping for 3 weeks now and something always keeps popping up. This week is the academic team competition.

I have binged watched Selling New York on Netflix. I am sad I only have 3 episodes left.

That time I dated a sociopath

This may be a shock to everyone, but I generally have terrible taste in guys. Its a running joke among those that know me in real life.

Since I've been seeing lots of stuff pop up about sociopaths (thanks to the release of some movie) I thought now would be the best time to share the story about the time I dated a sociopath.

It was my freshmen year of college. I started off the year by making friends with some girls on my floor. I was having fun and enjoying my classes. Then I met him. I thought he was cute. He was a swimmer and so was I.

Things started great then he'd do or say some things that I thought were strange, by the end I was trapped in a nightmare and was actually scared for my life.

At first I was perfect, then after a while he started suggesting I was fat (I weighed 90 lbs) Oh how I wish to be that fat again. Then my hair (that others had commented on as being gorgeous) was wrong and I should be a blonde. No people I should never be a blonde. It turned an orangish/greenish mess. I want to cry just thinking about it.

He would go out to parties every Thursday but I wasn't allowed to go with him. That was fine, I hung out with my friends. Sometimes we went out, other times we didn't. If we ran into each other during the night he was angry that I was "following him", then he proceeded to get angry at me because I may talk to other people. So he would  make me leave with him. Even though he hadn't wanted me to go out with him. He didn't like the idea of someone else talking to me. On the nights we didn't run in to each other he would end every night standing outside my dorm room window screaming for me to open the window and let him in. If I didn't he would call me and fill my voicemail box up with pleading and crying and threats.

We were only together in his room. He had a suite which was suppose to have 4 roomates but he only had 2 and one of those was hardly ever there. The roommate who was there was a freshmen also...and idolized my boyfriend. I slowly stopped seeing my friends because I was hardly ever free to hang out with them.

I suspected he was cheating. Once he called me Melissa and another time I caught him going upstairs of my dorm with a girl named Holly. At least he caught on and kept it with the same name. When I confronted him about them, I was "crazy", "paranoid", "delusional" and "nothing was happening" they were "people in his class" he was "working on projects with". One thing I've learned is always trust your paranoid, delusional, crazy gut because its rarely wrong.

But because he was cheating, he became obsessed that I must be cheating, so he had me followed. His freshmen roommate was suppose to walk me to every class and any thing else I needed to be out of his sight for. The roommate would then report back if I had talked to anyone and what was said.

I never received a gift for any holiday and we were together for a year. Even when he had extra money it would be spent on himself. At the start of summer he left his dorm and rented an apartment with a guy I liked a lot. He was really nice and fun to talk to. On the night of my birthday my boyfriend asked me to come visit. I did. He showed me his new computer and a few other new gadgets he had bought himself. After about 30 minutes the phone rang and he started acting weird after that. He was trying to get me to leave, but I had just got there and wasn't ready to go yet. Then a knock on the door and a girl walks in. They go into his room and shut the door (to LOOK at his new computer)

That was the tipping point for me. I had literally had all I could take and I burst open the door told him (and her) to fuck off and then left. By the time I got to my place he was calling and trying to apologize being all sweet and loving, but I was fuming mad. I ran into him at a restaurant in town, if you waited until Midnight they started serving bacon. It was one of those nights, I was there with some friends and he showed up angry and ranting. I pulled out my pepper spray and gave him a face full. The room stood still. I didn't know what his reaction would be. Thankfully he left he was mad and cussing me with every breath, but eventually he left. I had someone follow me him because I was afraid he would be waiting on me.

He called a few days later telling me he bought me something for my birthday. I kept ignoring him but he kept calling and calling until I agreed to come get it. When I went to his place to pick it up I had someone with me (THANKS Heath!!) and I got it and left. He still called my dorm. I had other people answer and say I wasn't there, but he could see my door from his window and would scream that he knew I was there. He started following me to class and calling all hours of the day and night. Finally he left me alone. Of course he may have been threatened with very extreme and descriptive violence if he didn't leave me alone.

Now imagine my surprise when I notice that his son (they have a very distinct last name) was in my daughters class. I told her a brief description of the whole ordeal and told her to stay away from him. It must be in his genes because he started sending her facebook friend requests and messages saying hi and asking her what she was doing. She ignored him and when the teacher rearranged the room, placing them beside each other Abbey stood up and said "My mom doesn't want me to associate with him." Thankfully the teacher moved her. Then last summer I saw him at band camp and freaked out. Thankfully he isn't a very involved parent and never showed up to any games or competitions. So I only saw him that once.


snowmageddon 2015 cabin fever and water issues

After what seemed like a week of constant snow and negative degree weather, topped off with sleeting rain, a few things happened.

My girls had a bad case of cabin fever. We tried to combat this by playing in the snow. By playing in the snow I mean, I stayed inside and Emmy pretended to swim in the snow. Since we had at least a foot and a half it was pretty easy. We did an activity from pinterest where you fill a balloon with water and add food coloring (tip add food coloring first) then set it outside to freeze. then you will have marble looking ice balls. It was cool. Then they devoured the Reese's spreads I got as part of Influenster. Their fave combo was celery, but they also liked carrots and apples.
Yes she is playing outside in her Hello Kitty PJ's
filled up balloons ready to be set outside

Then the most exciting thing ever (yes I'm being sarcastic) My water froze. The water in the kitchen froze then thawed, then a few days later it all froze except the bathroom sink and toilet (so thankful we could still flush) The next day it all came back on, but I had a weird feeling that my pressure wasn't 100%. I washed dishes, laundry and showered but a nagging feeling that something wasn't right had me going under  my house. Imagine my horrified expression when I saw several inches of water all over my crawl space. My ex husband came over and shut my water off. I called the plumber he recommended but no one answered. Which didn't surprise me because it was Saturday. Saturday night my miracle came. A friend saw someone post on facebook that he was doing side work. I called him early Sunday morning. He came right out and fixed it and only charged me 70. I was over the moon excited. Then I aggravated him for the next hour because the hot water pressure in the bathroom sink was really weak. He said it was probably a piece of ice blocking it. I called him 2 more times.....then went under the house again and made sure it wasn't leaking. It wasn't, so I am just trying to be patient and wait for the ice to melt.
 It took me several hours to realize that this cute stream flowing down my driveway was coming from under my house.

I am so over winter now, and am  ready to be in flip flops.I have no idea how people in Massachusetts and other hard hit states are handling all this snow. 

snowmageddon 2015-Hurts so Good

You know the snow is bad when the university cancels classes for the entire week. When i finally made it to my office it was 45 degrees...inside my office.

Looking at all this beautiful but frigid white stuff makes me remember big storms from my childhood.

We lived about a 20 minute drive, on curvy roads from  the closest town. So, instead of stocking up on the traditional milk and bread, we had to think about what would happen if we lost our electricity, which happened a lot. Candles, board games and food that can be heated on a heater were our staples.

Once We hooked a car battery up (no clue how we did this) but we had a light and could listen to the radio. One night we were listening to a call in show. A woman called in to request Hurt So Good. When the DJ asked if there was a story behind the request she said "Oh yes! I like to drink and then dance on my 3 legged table. Sometimes I fall off, when I do it hurts so good."

I just can't unlearn something like that. I really wanted to see what this 3 legged table dancing looking like. To everyone snowed in, and fighting cabin fever please don't try dancing on a 3 legged table. Or actually, just don't dance on a table.


Love is in the air....oh wait thats just snow

You have no idea how hard it is for me to start a blog post that doesn't start with So.... I guess I try to write like I talk and apparently I start everything with so....

Anyway, Last week I mentioned that my Valentines Days had always sucked. Like truly sucked. This year was actually pretty decent. I got a gift card to Victoria Secret. They were having a sale so that was a major plus.

Then I painted my bathroom. I'll post pictures when its all put back together. I swear I have no idea how home improvement bloggers do it. I just don't feel like doing this everyday, or even once a week.

I also got this text. Its from an ex of mine. He and I dated off and on throughout high school. We couldn't seem to ever get things to line up for us after school. It really made me swoon. It also made me think of Broke Back Mountain.

Speaking of things from that long ago, We are suppose to get our biggest snow storm in 15 years today. I'm happy because I am off work today. I could call in the rest of the week If I needed too because I hoard vacation days, but I could also walk  to work. I am so happy I don't live in the country anymore. I don't worry about snow, or my electric going out or any of the other things you have to worry about living even 5 miles away from the city. Small town living is fun sometimes.

Its pretty predictable. When a snow storm of any magnitude is coming, and I literally mean any magnitude. The forecast could say .5 inches and it will be the same as if they said 3 feet. There are three things that will take place. This is every single time.

1. The posts will start. It will increase in emotional pitch. From pretty calm to the superintendent is an idiot why haven't they called school yet. Even if no snow has fallen yet. This goes for all districts. We are already out for the holiday, but my friends at other schools, have already started the posts. 
2. There will be a mad dash to the nearest store for the following essentials Milk and bread and possibly eggs. This always struck me as strange. Growing up we lived in the middle of nowhere and would lose power for a week at a time. Which meant our milk went bad unless we stored it outside.
3. Once the snow starts there will be so many car wrecks you will think you are watching demolition derby.
 Another perk of living in town. I can sit on my bed, and watch the cars slip and slide. So while
 we may be buried under a million inches of snow, I will be snuggled under my electric blanket watching netflix until my eyes blur.


Wednesday Confessions

  • I have been so busy lately I haven't really felt creative, or when I have its at really bad times, like driving down the road. 
  • I really think I am going to do the pinterest pin of the bathtub covered in stone. 
  • I have been thinking about doing the 21 day fix. Although it will probably end up like the time I decided I was going to start running.
  • I get really freaking annoyed when I write a check and the other person hangs on to it. I actually have a few checks out from last month. WHY?!?! just deposit it already so I can stop obsessing about it.
  • Tonight is week 3 of the Dave Ramsey class I've been taking. I'd love to tell you about last week, but I had a migraine and really should have just stayed home. I spent the entire class squinting and plugging my ears. I have no idea what we really talked about. 

Worst Valentines Days

In case you haven't looked at a calendar lately, or been inside a store. Valentines Day is fast approaching.

This is a holiday  my cold bitter heart dreads every year. I can't remember any good Valentines Days. I'm sure there may have been one or two along the way. But the negatives have far out weighed the good.

To make any single or lonely people feel better about their situation I will share some of my worst Valentines Days. I am not including days that I may have been single.  These all occurred while in relationships with someone.

  • I've heard "I don't celebrate Valentines Day, I'm sorry I didn't tell you that in advance before you got me something"
  • I've had someone ignore it completely until about 8 o'clock the date of and then say "Well I guess I should go out and buy you something" ummm no I guess you should have thought about that before the day was about over. 
  • I can't forget "Where do you want to go eat?"  While you decide I am going to lay down and sleep the rest of the evening.
  • Valentines Day came and went not a word....the very next day....Flowers delivered. 
  • Then there was the time I got a meme about how he didn't have to get me anything for Valentines Day because he already had me and didn't need to win me over. 

Choose Your Own Adventure January Recap

I kept my goals simple for this month
Paint the doors in the kitchen: totally crossed off the list. I picked a grey that when I got it on the doors looks kinda blue, but that's ok because I think it still goes well with the wall color. This was while the paint was drying. Please disregard my cat Fenney and ladder. I pulled the pic right of my phone. I still need to paint the trim and the vent cover.

Take the donation box: Yup I totally did this too. I also went through the closets and got rid of a ton of stuff.

February is Create. I plan on updating my bathroom and creating a room that we enjoy being in. As of right now the walls are literally poop brown.

Life According to Steph 


Rescued is my favorite breed

The Budweiser lost dog commercial seriously made me choke back tears. How sweet is it that the Clydesdale's came to his rescue and helped him find his way back home?

It reminded me of the babies I've rescued and how their lives could have been so much worse if they hadn't ended up with me. No matter what they tell people when I'm not around. 

Warning: Cuteness overload!

This is my boy Westley. No one loves me as much as he does. I found him when I worked for a home health company. He was living in a teeny tiny camper trailer and when he saw me he wouldn't let me put him down. He barked and carried on until I picked him back up. Thankfully his owner gave him to me. Because I loved him at first sight too.

This is Tiger AKA Tiges. He was found at Cheerleading practice. He was starving and was trying to climb in my purse looking for food. He wandered off and I noticed some kids throwing him back and forth to each other. No parent in sight. So I walked over to them and demanded they hand me the cat. I told them that you do NOT ever throw an animal. Tiger, although at the time we called him Princess Sparkles, had a respiratory infection. It was after the vet visit to get antibiotics that we found out he was not a Princess. He loves to lay in the window and look at the traffic going by.

Phoenix Nebula AKA Fenney and Fenna-roo. A favorite saying is Fenna-roo I choose you...very Pokemon. She was a stray that was found at my moms house. When I got her, she would fit in my hand. She is a mute, so we have to keep close eye on her. If she was to get out, or accidentally shut into a closet we'd never know. We also have to watch her body language for signs because she can't meow to let us know she wants something. Her favorite place to to lay with me under the electric blanket. I think she has learned how to turn it on.

I call this guy Max, Abbey calls him Sebastian. I say I win because Max is on his paperwork at the vet. He has a few nicknames too. Maximus Prime. Gluteus Maximus. Maximilian. 007. Toothless. (from the how to train your dragon, not because he has no teeth) He was found at the house of a friend of mine. He's been with us the least amount of time.

 This is Arabella. She was rescued by friends of mine when she was teeny tiny. When I got her she fit in my hand. Someone had thrown her out, barely weaned, at a restaurant. She also had a respiratory infection. They were moving and couldn't take her with them. They were looking at a house to rent but some bitchy lady (me) bought the house before they put their contract in. So I did the nicest thing I could think of and took their cat. She loves to be carried. She LOVES riding around on your shoulders and sleeping on your neck. But she is so sweet I can't say no.
This is Ollie. He was rescued from the campus of Eastern Kentucky University when he was a baby. I'm not sure what his life was like before I got him but he is still timid around males. He loves to hide inside things. Just this morning he drug a little blanket inside a basket and was curled up with it. 

This is Katniss you can tell by the look on her face that she lives up to her name. She is the grumpiest cat I've ever met. She rules her kingdom from the climbing tree that she allows no other cat to climb. She was thrown out by someone and found at my ex husbands house. The girls saw her and brought her to my house. We love her even if she is moody and doesn't like to be touched.

So there you have it proof of the crazy cat lady that I am. It's my goal to start a small breed rescue specifically for Shih Tzu's but Westley really hates other dogs so I don't want to bring any new ones in. But one day the Princess Buttercup's Home for Wayward Shih Tzu's will be opened. We have an awesome rescue in the town that I live in,  that does amazing work. They really try to help all animals. I just know my limitations and I don't have the space to foster anything big. They were able to rescue a momma Shih Tzu that escaped a puppy mill and was found giving birth. They gave the momma and her babies to my favorite Shih Tzu Rescue, Bluegrass Shih Tzu Rescue. The babies and mom will be up for adoption in about 8 weeks.
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