Wednesday Confessions #2

I love Wednesdays and Confessions. Its my favorite blogging day of the week.

  • I have had trouble falling asleep for 2 weeks now. I have tried just laying there and taking sleep aides and either way I feel like a zombie all of the next day. Until its time for bed and then I am wide awake again.

  • I am ready for warmer weather but I did enjoy the schools 2 hour delay yesterday. 

  • I have am annual evaluation with my boss today. Fingers crossed for a raise.

  • My dryer belt came in the mail, I just haven't talked myself up enough to attempt to change it. 

  • I've signed up for Dave Ramsey's financial Peace and also a Relationship Peace class called PREP's Within Our Reach. 

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  1. That really sucks about the sleeping issues. Mine's been all messed up too, but mostly because I'm sick. Like last night I coughed myself awake. Blegh.

    The classes sound really good! I would love to take a relationship class (I was all about finding a pre-marital counselor for a while, just to see what they would say, but we couldn't find one that we actually wanted to talk to).

  2. I like Dave Ramsey. I didn't do the class, but I found the Total Money Makeover book super helpful. Good luck! And I hope you get the raise!

  3. Got the raise WOOHOO. I will share tomorrow, what she said an improvement I need to make is, Because I think its funny. The class is being offered for free at Emmy's school so I thought hey why not.

  4. I suck at relationships so I really want to hear what they have to say. I'm sure I will be sharing the info here.

  5. I'm ready for warmth too. We get some tomorrow!

  6. I wouldn't mind some warmth -- it is 28 degrees this morning and I am dreading going outside ha ha. Hope your annual evaluation went well!


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