Wednesday Confession #3

I survived and actually enjoyed the 24 hours I spent with my girls and their dad. Its funny how 2 people who didn't get a long AT ALL can co parent well and even take a small trip together with no one screaming.

I bought a grumpy cat stuffie. Yeah I am THAT much of a crazy cat lady.

I think my electric blanket is my favorite purchase of 2014.

I start my Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class tonight. I alternate between dreading it and excited.

Emmy caught the stomach virus, as she was just getting over the rash from Fifth's Disease. Its been a rough couple of weeks. Fingers crossed no one else in the house gets it.
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  1. What is the financial peace class?!?!

  2. I added the link in the post. But its suppose to help you be able to manage your money, spend better and learn how to save. I have heard people talk about the class but never took the plunge and signed up before. Make a budget was on my 101 list so I thought it was a good time to cross that off.

  3. The only thing with Ramsey, is that he's a bit of an ideologue. His big core lesson boils down to: purge your life of all debt, avoid borrowing under any and all circumstances, and wealth will just sort of automagically roll your way over time. It's sort of a Prosperity Gospel variant.
    I'm debt-averse myself, and avoid it whenever possible. (Hell, we bought our last two cars by personal check.) But... no, being debt-free doesn't cure all ills, and dropping everything to get out from under existing debt doesn't always improve your situation.

  4. I need financial peace! But I'm getting it with YNAB. I hope your class is great!

    And it's so good that you were all able to get along!

  5. I love grumpy cat. I wish I could figure out how to market my cats so I can retire lol.

  6. I think I will end up doing the YNAB I looked at it and it seems more of what I really need long term. But this class was being offered free so I thought I'd give it a try. So far I can see things I may not follow exactly.


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