Things That Annoy Me At The Moment AKA Wednesday Confessions #3

  • I am taking another self imposed facebook break. If you send me a message I may read it but otherwise I just can't deal with actual facebook. 
  • I'm a sore loser and the Broncos being out makes me wanna puke, especially since I hate the Sea Hawks. Only thing that is making it better is the Steelers are also out. I can't decide who I hate worse the Steelers, Colts or Sea Hawks..... nope wait its definitely the Steelers. 
  • Not being able to fall asleep. I have no idea why I am wide awake at night but its slowly driving me insane.
  • Waiting for things before I can do my taxes. I know you have until the 30th, but I got my W2 from my job the first week in January. It makes me feel like everyone else should be that on top of things and stop dragging their feet.
  • I looked at my calendar for the next few months and nearly fainted. How did I get so busy? 
  • If you have to tell me that you are a hell of a probably aren't
  • Same goes for if you tell people how attractive you are. You are probably the only one that thinks that. 
  • To the guy  that ran across the road this morning....I will hit you, I have no problem with that. 
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  1. Ugh I hate the Steelers too. I don't think they are my most hated (Packers) but they are right up there. I guess I don't mind the Seahawks, it's fine if they win.

  2. Chris is a big Steelers fan, and I've always hated the Steelers, so it was a little weird when I was rooting for them. But I'm kind of glad that they're out.

  3. I don't like football at all. It all seems silly to me.

  4. That's how I feel about baseball and basketball.

  5. ooh I don't know if I could root for them.

  6. I don't hate the Packers but I definitely don't care about them.


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