That time I saw Metallica in concert

I know many may be groaning because of the whole Napster thing. I agree that was pretty shitty. But you have to know I was a fan since forever. I mourned the loss of Cliff Burton. I laughed when the fired Dave Mustaine. I sang Enter Sandman to my children as a lullabye. I had my room plastered with Lars Ulrich posters. I even fixed my hair like his in the early 90's (gotta love that Metal hair) Bought my ex husband a TAMA drum set because that's the brand Lars has.

I have loved every sing thing they have ever produced except for St. Anger. That was pretty terrible. So I was super excited when the Death Magnetic tour came near me. I bought tickets for me and my sister. We wore vintage Metallica shirts and blasted their music on the way to the concert.

We got there just as Gojira was wrapping up and found our seats. I don't think I stopped screaming, dancing or singing until it was over. Easily the most fun I had in forever. If you ever want to pick up a guy go to a metal concert with another girl. We were turning them down all night. I don't know if it was because everyone was drunk or if it was that much of a shock to see women there. We were definitely a minority.

Anyway, the night was so much fun. A few years later I was talking to a coworkers boyfriend and the subject of Metallica came up. I said oh I saw them in concert...he said him too.

Then he said OMG there was a crazy lady in front of us. She was screaming and jumping around and it was hilarious.

I said hmmmm. Really?

He said oh, yeah, I taped her wanna see.....

If you guess that the crazy lady was me, you guessed correct. But I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Some interesting (probably only to me) facts are. Lars has a son a couple years older than my daughter (both of whom plays drums) and both of whom say their favorite band is Arctic Monkey. I have a cat named Arabella to prove it. At least to prove it on our end.


  1. "Geez, Mom, it's Arctic Monkeys. Plural. You are sooooo uncool." Kidding. I'm more of an Arctic Monkeys guy myself, but we grew up with Metallica. And I don't care what concert it is, if I'm gonna go, I'm gonna have fun with it, so hells yes to the jumping, screaming, having fun, etc.

  2. oh damn I knew that I can't believe I left the s off. I feel like I should trade my skinny jeans in for mom jeans now.

  3. Hahaha! This is hilarious, and I'm glad that instead of being embarrassed, you're just owning it. We all have to be "that crazy lady" sometimes!

  4. That is SO FUNNY!!

    But, hey! At least you were having a fun time!

  5. I would do it again in a heart beat.

  6. Oh I totally own it.


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