My complaints about how Gilmore Girls ended

I finished binge watching Gilmore Girls a few weeks ago, If you haven't finished it yet you may want to skip today's post. Even though it has been weeks I can't stop thinking about and obsessing about how it ended. There are just too many ends that I don't think are tied up.
The Luke/Lorelai/Christopher triangle. Christopher was a douche for not going to the hospital when her died had a heart attack, but he was still nicer to her than Luke had been. Luke handled the whole surprise parenthood thing horribly and I can't forgive him as easily as Lorelai did. Also if Christopher inherited so much money and he set his second daughter up with private schools and college and a trust fund, why didn't he do more for Rory?
Lane W'hy did the writers think it would be a good idea to write Lane's husband to have the career that she herself wanted. It just seems pretty crappy that she didn't become the rocker that she wanted to be.
Dean What happened to him, he went MIA
 Kirk Why didn't he propose to his girlfriend, and did he ever buy a house or move out of his mothers house. He had a half a million dollars in the bank, why not use it?
Michele Why after seven seasons he still spoke with such an awful accent, and why did he still have a job
 Mrs. Kim Where is Mr. Kim, and why is it ok for Mrs Kim to judge Loralei for not having a husband when she didn't have a man around either
Jess What happened to him? I know he was writing and working in the book store, but I liked him and thought he should have ended up with Rory.
Logan/Rory I really liked Logan, I'm not sure why they couldn't work it out. She could have found papers to work at in California. It just seemed like an abrupt ending.
If you've watched GG were you happy with the ending? What would you have done differently?


  1. I wasn't a fan of the entire last season. Mainly because Amy Sherman Palledino, who wrote and created the show, quit. It's because the WB wouldn't give her what she asked for. She deserved it, the WB people were being butts, so she left. They hired new writers and ended up hiring people that Amy asked for to begin with. I think she just wanted help, because she and her husband were writing so many episodes on their own. You can see interviews that Amy did explaining more!

  2. That makes total sense. I think above all the Luke Loralei Christopher thing bugged me the most.

  3. Oh no, you ruined it for me! LOL, just kidding, I've never watched this show and don't plan to. Especially now?

  4. It was like watching my life played by other people until the last season and minus the pets. Its really more of a chick thing, but I'm sure there are guys that like it.

  5. GG was supposed to continue. They couldn't agree, the channel and the creators, so the next seasons got scrapped. I think that's why there's so many unfinished story lines. I agree with you on all counts.
    Except about Jess, I hated Jess. I wanted her to end up with Dean. Maybe even Logan. No Jess though, he was mean.

  6. I liked Dean but he seemed to just get whiney. I hated Jess at first but he grew on me. I really thought she should have ended up with Logan.

  7. I never watched Gilmore Girls, but this is how I felt about How I Met Your Mother (minus the part about it being like my life). I just liked it so much and then the end ruined it all for me.

  8. The guy who played Dean moved on to a different show, Supernatural. It's a good shoe, just got picked up for its 11th season.

  9. I was annoyed by the ending of HIMYM too. I wasn't crazy about Robin.

  10. I just hate how they always seem to have a character that just gets traded around the friend group. Like in Friends it was Rachel. There's plenty of other people to date! You all live in NY!!!


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