I May Be An Excitable Puppy

Why must making blog post titles be so hard? I swear I struggle with this every single time.... But anyway.

Yesterday I had my annual work evaluation. It was a painless process. I absolutely LOVE my job and my boss, and not joking my co-workers too, I only have one coworker in the office with me the others are about 100 miles away and I see them a few times a year. They don't even know about this blog so its not me sucking up its just truly how I feel.

Anyway, It went fine. I rated where I thought I would and got a raise. But, what struck me as funny was where she told me I could improve because it could hold me back. Now, let me add. I am fully aware that I do this action she was telling me about.  I just never thought of how it looked to others.

See, she mentioned my public speaking could improve. More specifically she said "Holly can continue her growth by increasing professionalism in meetings and presentations. Holly has an energy and youthfulness, which many relate to well, however sometimes a measure of reserve and more polished speaking presence is beneficial." She then explained youthfulness isn't the right word and she wanted to go back and change it. I know exactly what she means. I get nervous when I have to speak in front of a group. Even when I do professional development trainings for teachers. I get really nervous and when I get nervous my goal whether I am conscience of it at the time or not is to make everyone laugh.

That makes my trainings popular. That puts everyone at ease, but I can absolutely see how I can come across as a stand up comedian (albeit a bad one) or an excitable puppy doing tricks to make the crowd laugh. No clue how to fix the problem. I started to ask why they didn't teach this in school and then I remembered my speach class and the professor saying the exact same thing.....


  1. I HATE public speaking so much. It just makes me incredibly nervous.

  2. It makes me nervous too. I do it fairly often you'd think I'd be more use to it by now and wouldn't automatically go into stand up comic mode.

  3. Remember when I talked about the smiling-with-your-teeth and batting-your-bright-eyes look, which is usually your "I'm being extra nice, so this is your last chance to give me what I want before I get mad and kick you in the shins" expression?
    The puppydog thing is almost identical to that; except that you stand straight up and kind of bounce up and down on your heels for a couple of seconds. That one's your "I'm saying 'Yay!' and now you should be saying 'Yay!' too because I want you to be excited" look.
    And yeah, it really *is* reminiscent of a puppy sitting at full attention and waiting for someone to throw a toy for it to chase after. It's the way the posture combines with the look in the eyes.

  4. This made me literally laugh out loud. I know its true. I guess that's what makes it so funny.


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