Here's a toast to my former stomach

I'm feeling sad today.

For Throw Back Thursday, A friend of mine posted a picture of herself from when we were way younger. She was in a Bikini. She looked great.

That reminded me of when I was that age. I was on the swim team. I did marching band. I had killer legs, and a flat stomach that of course I thought was poochy.

This isn't a post exclaiming how my new resolution is to look like this again.
 Because I am just too lazy. But it is to memorialize my flat stomach and nice legs. I feel like they at least deserve a shout out.


  1. cheers to your former stomach and legs... heck, cheers to all our former stomachs and legs. we always think we were poochy or fat when we clearly weren't :) i know i definitely did. i'd love my stomach to look like it used to but instead i'm trying to focus on not passing out whilst running.

  2. At least you attempt to run. I strive not to have to run.

  3. I know I'll never have a flat stomach again. Le sigh.

  4. Oh! I watched an inspirational video and at one point the guys says something like, "Celebrate your body. You will never be this young, this healthy, and this beautiful again, and you won't appreciate it until it's gone." I feel like I'm at the point where things are starting to break down (ache-y knees and whatnot) and I keep remembering this, because as much as it sucks to get older, I'm going to look back at me now one day and wish I was that again.

  5. Yay for flat stomachs of the past! I looked at a photo of myself the other day, with no tummy and I remember thinking I was fat back then. Funny how our perceptions change. I'm far to lazy and enjoy cakes too much to get back into my old shape and i'm pretty ok with that. x

  6. Food is way better than diet and exercise. I don't really like sweets unless its Dr Pepper, my weakness is cheese, pasta, and chips.

  7. No, no, no. You have to think about it like this: Right now I have so much more health and beauty than I'll have one day in the future. I am gorgeous and should enjoy it!


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