Good Riddance 2014

I couldn't be happier to see 2014 end. It wasn't the best year of my life.

Most  of  this I didn't share on the blog because I have always tried, sometimes unsuccessfully to keep  things positive here. But, maybe I need to get the negative crap off my chest to move into 2015. Things like....
  • 3 days before Valentines Day my boyfriend of  4 years asked me to move out. The only explanation was that we don't live together well. I tried prying for details. Believe me when I say it wasn't worth it. I haven't gotten anything more detailed than the house was just too small for all of us and we fought a lot. I kinda thought it was all going well. So that tells you how much I know. 
  • I had to find a place to live, I rented my ex husbands house (he had moved out) with plans to buy it, however the appraisal (which I paid for) came back with a giant list of repairs that needed to be made before closing. Repairs he didn't really want to make. I fixed the roof, and built a deck rail, but in the end, I had to take my mortgage brokers advice and just look for another house.
  • That ordeal was a nightmare. Don't get me wrong I loved looking at houses, but every time I found one I liked it would go under contract with someone else. Once I found one I loved and its actually around the corner from the one I eventually bought. It needed a lot of work and the family didn't want to go any lower on the price so I walked away. 
  • My dad moved out of his sisters house and in with me. Even though I really don't have room for anyone and he is essentially living on my couch. Imagine if your dad was living with you, yeah that's how bad it is. I haven't been able to have company or a house warming party or anything. Add in the occasional bitch fest about how I am torturing him by not getting cable or satellite.
  • When I finally found the house I bought, my mortgage broker stopped communicating with me and I had no clue what was going on or when I was actually going to close. There was a problem with that appraisal too. The pictures showed what the bank thought was a hole in the side of the house, but was actually a reflection. So they had to go back and take more pictures. The lady at the bank was an incompetent idiot and didn't send the pictures as an attachment she sent them along with her bill for the estimate (The second one I had to pay for) Eventually this was taken care of and I did get to close. 
  • Pretty much I was out a lot of money just trying to get into my own house.
  • My best friend (A man I had dated a loooong time ago) stopped speaking to me, because I was still seeing the boyfriend that asked me to move. I want to contact him (the long lost best friend), but it doesn't seem fair to him so I haven't. But I miss him. I miss having him to talk to.
  • My family physician (Who I drove an hour away to see) left his practice and now works for the VA. While I am happy our vets have such an awesome doctor it makes me sad because I had been a patient for 14 years and really loved him. I miss him and still haven't replaced him. I'll eventually run out of my migraine medicine and will have to find a new doctor. 
  • I have had more migraines this year than I can remember having in the past couple of years. My insurance won't cover a drug that works quickly and with little side effects. The one they will cover causes me to feel dizzy and have numb arms and legs and a tingly face. But it eventually gets rid of the headache.
  • I finished Gilmore Girls. I just don't know what to do with my free time now. It was like watching my life story take place on screen. Hell some of the lines are even things I've said. 
  • I had to have minor skin surgery to remove a spot of pre cancer. According to my dermatologist, its when a spot has abnormal skin cells but isn't what they would classify as cancer yet. So now I have a ugly scar. 
The year wasn't all bad and there were some positives. I did end up finding a house that I love.The spot removed could have been cancer and the scar could have been bigger and uglier. At least I have insurance that will cover something for Migraines. I have an awesome job that I love. Its the first time in my adult life that I have had vacation and sick time banked, because going to work is actually enjoyable, so I don't take off every time I have an available day. I do see the silver lining on some of the negatives but it all really felt overwhelming and I spent a good portion feeling very lonely.


  1. Whew, you went through a lot in 2014. I hope 2015 is nicer to you!

  2. Where do you stand with Greg now? You know my opinion...
    I'm lost without GG too. I did the Killing, the Following, and Chuck since then but I still miss it! Friends is on now, I guess? I've never seen Friends.

  3. What a year. I'm glad you at least see the good in it. Having a house and not having cancer is pretty great. Hopefully 2015 brings even better stuff for you!

  4. yeah I know your opinion. It's the same one everyone else has too. Which is why I feel like an idiot that we still see each other about once a week. I wanted to follow GG up with Mike and Molly but Netflix doesn't have it. I just wasn't ready to let Sookie go :( I watched friends the first time around I was a big fan. So much so I was in a car wreck (extremely minor) the week before I had Emmy and they forced me to go to the hospital for observation. It was a Thursday night and I bitched the entire time about missing Friends.

  5. I am basically an optimist. Which may be why I never moaned about most of this on the blog until now. I almost didn't hit publish on it.

  6. So far it hasn't been much better but we have 360 more days to see.

  7. I hope. The house really did make up for all the crap I had to go through to get into it, and since I didn't need to do any repairs or big remodeling I guess financial wise it worked out about the same as if I didn't have to keep shelling out money before I bought it.

  8. Giiiirrrlll wow. I really hope 2015 brings better days for you! I suffer from migraines too and my insurance can just go suck a big would be nice if they covered meds that meant I could actually function at work. i.e. not falling asleep at my desk. SIGH.

  9. I hate you can't get any meds. I don't think I'd be very productive without something. If I catch it early enough the Excedrin migraine will help. Once its a full on migraine, I'm a mess.

  10. I'm so sorry for all the crap you went through this year. I had no idea!

    I've had a lot of migraines this year too. To the point of actually throwing up. It's been horrible!

  11. Sorry for all your crazy stuff! What a pain to buy a house!! Here's to a better 2015!

  12. I even forgot to add I fell down my steps at work, the first week of January and sprained my ankle. So far 2015 has been better. Buying a house is stressful. I can't imagine every doing it again.

  13. Ah, but that's the problem- the great tragedy- of being an optimist.
    If you always look for the best, then all the surprises in life tend to be bad ones. By definition.

  14. I'm tired if bad surprises


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