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So I had to do a DISC profile for a leadership training for work. I've done them before, I've done other personality quizes before too. I am so in touch with who I am that I could teach a class on me. (This link isn't the one we used for the training, but pretty close)

This training will be broken into 2 days. Today (yesterday when you are reading this) was the first day. I went in very skeptical, because in the past its here is the DISC what does that mean for you. Ok I know I am a High D (Decisive) and I (Interactive) I am a very low C (cautious) and S (Stability) I like stability but only stability that I am controlling.Anyway, I really thought it was going to be the same ole touchy feely with no outcome thing from the past.

This DISC started out different than the others because it told us what we are in our Natural state and in our Adaptive state. Pretty much when shit hits the fan all thoughts on someone feelings goes out the window and I thrive on the conflict. This is true. I say I don't like conflict and while that is kinda true its not really conflict I don't like, its being proven wrong or losing my control of a situation. Heath, I know you are reading this. Would you agree? Because I really think its spot on.

He teased me about being able to banter back and forth and guessed that when I really like someone and feel close to them I will be sarcastic and teasing toward them. I thought about my friend Jeff and how when he was learning to play the drums (he is a basketball coach total jock type so music was totally out of his comfort zone) I made signs that said You play like a girl (he coaches girls) and stop sucking ect. While some may think I was being a total dick, Jeff knew me well enough to know I need/want to be teased back. He had no problem giving it back as good as he got.

I'll share more when we have day 2. But so far I'm impressed and don't think its a waste of my time.


  1. I'd actually go a step further. You neither like nor dislike conflict, in and of itself. Rather, it's a matter of context.
    An initial conflict usually means someone is trying to take you out of your comfort zone; that is, your zone of control. But your instinctive response to that is to immediately raise the stakes and further exacerbate the conflict: to either 1) push the whole situation out of the other person's comfort zone (in the hope that they relent and everything goes back to the way it was before), or 2) bring the matter to a head quickly, *even if it means you'll lose* (which at least gets you back to a stable situation, one that you can start turning into your new normal).
    For you, conflict is both the cause and the cure for loss of normalcy in your life, and that's what your relationship with it revolves around. "People" only enter into it afterwards, once that part's settled.

  2. Heh. For the record:
    DISC style is C/S
    You have a blend of both Cautious and Supportive traits. Your Cautious traits are probably a little stronger than your Supportive traits. Some words that describe you are: Critical thinking, Careful, Committed to quality, and Helpful. You are reserved, and you probably prefer individual or small group interaction to large social settings.

  3. yup totally see it.

  4. I see that. I tried to explain Its not like I seek conflict out but when I feel the need I won't turn away. It was interesting to listen to the guy who had never met me describe me. He even pegged that when a situation is sad or uncomfortable I make jokes. LOL I felt like he knew me better than most of my friends. Definitely more than Greg or even Mike. It was pretty cool.

  5. I chuckled. "Yup, I'm an INTP, all right. Thanks, DISC, for that revolutionary insight..."

  6. Its one of those things that makes me wonder how the hell we stayed together for 2 years.

  7. I took the test! C/DS Which didn't mean much to me until I read the description, which is spot on! I'm Cautious, Supportive, & Dominant (but more Cautious than the other 2), and it talks about how I have outgoing and reserved traits, which is totally what I talked about yesterday. Fun game! Thanks for giving the link - time to make my family do it too.

  8. Eh, contrary to most people's expectations, ESFJ and INTP aren't *too* bad of a mix-and-match.
    The individual elements of the function stack are all the same, it's just that they're in a reversed order of priority; our basic personalities aren't so much opposites as mirror images of each other.

  9. It is fun. I've had to do these on various occasions. Its cool to see what makes other people tick.

  10. So what your saying is I should make all potential boyfriends fill out a personality profile so I can see if they are an INTP ;) hehehe

  11. Phhhht. :p
    Well, no, our problem was (and is) that damn S/N difference. That's the part where our brains organize information in fundamentally different ways, and so it screws with our communication.
    It's why you occasionally stop in the middle of a conversation and give me that look that says, "What the hell are you even talking about? What is all this supposed to mean? Who the hell *cares* about this stuff, and what does it have to do with what I thought we were discussing?"
    It's why I sometimes send you an email asking a simple, one-sentence question. And you send me back a long multi-paragraph response, describing your personal and emotional reaction to the whole subject in great and intimate detail. And then I reply with "Yeah, but..." and the exact same one-line question, because you never actually *answered* it...

  12. lol fun times :)


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