2015 Predictions

 I am notorious for making resolutions and giving up on them before Spring is even here. Stephanie posted how she did on her 2014 predictions I think I like this method so much better. If I don't succeed at any, who cares it was just a prediction anyway.

  • I predict crossing 20 items off my 101 list. This list is starting to look like a bunch of resolutions that aren't going to happen. 
  • I predict I finally get all the rooms in my house painted. I did manage to get the kitchen done. So happy not to have to look at that dark depressing red. 
  • I predict finally setting up the domain name I bought months ago. This is after letting the domain I bough last year expire. I super duper hate technology.
  • I predict I fully commit to  swag bucks
  • I predict I start a celebration jar to remember all the good from 2015 so I am not focusing on the shitty times. 


  1. I love predictions :) I predict all of these things will happen, even if I have to bug you daily about painting and getting the 101 list done!

  2. That jar is gorgeous! It makes me want to start one immediately. It could almost be like a time capsule thing, but I suppose after 10 or so years, they'd start taking up a lot of space.

    Predictions are fun - I love all the different takes on resolutions, whether it be resolutions, goals, predictions and even anti-resolutions. Did you ever post a picture of the new kitchen color? I want to see!

  3. I'm at least a little closer I have finally settled on paint colors for all but my room.

  4. I have plans to show everyone on Thursday. I think its gorgeous, but I did pick out the color, so I am probably biased.

  5. These are great predictions. Maybe I should try this!

  6. I stink at tech stuff too. I also bought my domain. It took a few tries, but I figured it out! So I'm sure you can too. Watch YouTube videos. They helped me.


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