5 Things to Do WIth Glitter Wrapping Paper

Happy Christmas Eve, eve. If you're like me you are putting the finishing touches on the Christmas wrapping and preparing for company. After wrapping all your presents, if you happen to have some left  over wrapping paper, don't throw it out. I am going to share with you what I did with my left over glitter paper from last year. Who am I kidding I say left over but glitter paper is hard as crap to get tape to stick to. So it sucks for actually wrapping  presents,  but it is so good for decorating with. So I bought it because it was pretty and glittery and I am like a moth to flame with anything glitter.
When I re decorated my bathroom this year I knew I wanted something glittery, because I always want something glittery. I tried gluing glitter on things and that was a mess and the glitter really didn't stick well. That's when it hit me to try the wrapping paper I had stuck in a closet.  You can read about the bathroom makeover here.

Wall Art I printed the words out on regular printer paper and then traced them onto the glitter and then cut them out. Its attached to a canvas using spray adhesive. I just painted the canvas black. This has been on the wall for almost a year and is still holding tight.

Liner in a Hutch or Book Shelf: This is what my hutch looked like. It was already painted black, but after a catastrophe when I attempted to paint it red, I gave up. All I had in the house was chalk board paint. That turned out well because the girls love writing on it. But I still hated the inside. With the help of a little glitter wrapping paper it was transformed into a hot chocolate bar.

 Here is the after Its so cute I'm thinking about leaving it up even after Christmas.

Cup Holder: I use it to hold makeup brushes but you could also use it to hold pens. I took a plastic cup and rolled the paper around it. Like I was wrapping a cylinder. I used spray adhesive. I cut the extras off the top. We use this every day and it still looks great. 
 Decorating a Pumpkin: Silver is the color of the awareness ribbon for Dyslexia. So this when we decorated pumpkins. We painted a pumpkin black using craft paint and the stem is spray painted. (Tip do that before you paint the pumpkin) I traced the awareness ribbon onto the paper and cut it out. Its attached with spray adhesive. I swear I couldn't live without that stuff.
Outlet Cover After I glitterfied my bathroom I couldn't just leave my outlet face plates plain white. I laid the cover on the paper and traced the holes. Cut it all out and you guessed it attached it using spray adhesive. As with everything else it has held up great and we use this switch a million times a day.
If you don't have glitter wrapping paper I suggest stocking up the day after Christmas when everything goes on sale. I know I will be grabbing all the color varieties. You just never know what craft opportunities will appear.

Best Ever Hot Chocolate Bar

I'm warning you, there will be a Christmas overload here for the next several week. Aside from my birthday which is my favorite Hollyday. Christmas come a seriously close second. When I think I have no self restraint I remind myself that I don't start decorating in July. That right there is proof that I can be self disciplined.

It is unseasonably warm here (and I am NOT complaining) but that hasn't stopped us from drinking our weight in hot chocolate. In the past our set up was not kid friendly. Everything was stored in various cabinets and I had to make every cup. That got old fast.

This year I turned our hutch into a hot chocolate bar. I asked the girls what they wanted to put in their hot chocolate and then set it all out so they can easily get it when they want a cup. I've had to refill the peppermint m&m's a few times now. They are a big hit.

What makes this the best ever hot chocolate bar? You can add anything you want. Be as creative and adventurous and you want. We are pretty basic so we picked marshmallows, pepermint sticks, candy canes, white and milk chocolate chips, and peppermint m&m's.

I stored it all in cute mason jars and of course added some cute Christmas themed mugs.
I seriously recommend setting on up. It doesn't have to take up much space, and definitely makes making a cup easier.


How To Make a Cat Warmer Out of Things Around Your House

Over the weekend Steph sent me a pin of a cat warmer. I had to laugh because I had already make one and just hadn't posted it on the blog yet. This evening someone that belongs to the same animal rescue organization that I belong to  posted the pin on facebook asked if anyone could make him one. I took that as an omen to just sit down and write the post up. After I sent him a message telling him I'd make him one. So for those of you that don't live in Kentucky, or aren't handy with a heavy machinery like a knife here is how I made it.

This is a lot easier to make than it looks, and I really did use things around my house so it really didn't cost anything.


2 totes different sizes
Something to insulate the totes.
Blow Dryer
Total time: Less than 30 minutes

I started with an old tote and an old plastic file box...notice the glitter in the tote. Seriously cat hair and glitter is my life.
Cut a hole any size you want out of the larger tote. Then stick the smaller container inside the big one, draw the opening you cut so they will match up. 
Warning the second container had stronger plastic. I heated it up with the blow dryer and that helped the knife go through it.  Please don't judge my drawing

Now its going to look like this. Don't be alarmed we are going to fix it so the cats won't be scratched entering and exiting.
Now pushing the containers as close together as possible wrapped the two containers together using tape. I used Zebra print Duct tape because that's what I had.

Next, stick whatever you are using as insulation between the two boxes on the sides and back. I had two throw pillows that are ugly and flat so they went on the sides and some left over fabric from my fabric hoarding days went in the back. I covered the top with a small fleece blanket.  The cats approved so far,
 Lastly I added the lid and sat back and waited for a cat to go inside. It didn't take long.

Now if the cats will leave it alone long enough for me to sit it outside it will be the perfect place for the neighborhood strays to warm up without me having to adopt any more cats.

how to fix a drafty door

I kept feeling a draft around my door. I bought weather stripping and placed it around the door. It didn't make a difference. So yesterday I decided to pull the trim off and see if maybe it needed to have some insulation placed. That was an absolute understatement.

That's what I discovered when I pulled the trim off. I nearly died. No wonder I kept feeling air come through. In several spots you could see light from outside. I took the trim off all the exterior doors and this is how they were. I sealed them with a spray insulation and then reattached the trim.

It only took me about 45 minutes. Using a prybar to removed the trim and spray insulation to fill the cracks was all it took. I'm afraid of what is lurking behind the window trims now.

On a side note I have to brag on myself. When I was married to husband #1, I would beg him to help me hang pictures or a shelf. Now I do that and build a privacy fence, replaced a door knob, and much more. If you had told me 6 years ago that I would be doing this I'd have laughed at you.

How to make a super easy yard witch

You may remember a few weeks ago when I shared how I made Cousin IT for my yard. I love him he
is so cute, but I kept thinking he needed a friend. Then it hit me, use a tomato cage to make a witch. This time I picked a cage that was slightly larger than the one for Cousin IT.
Tomato Cage
Syrofoam Ball
Witch Hat
Floral Pins

 Now take a Styrofoam ball and stick it on the top
 I used a dress that Emmy had out grown, but you can shop any thrift store and find something that would work as a witch dress. If all else fails use a piece of black fabric. Please disregard the lint. There really is a reason why the blog is called Cat Hair and Glitter :)
 I pulled the turtle neck up high to cover the cage. 
 Add the hat and voila you have a yard witch
Just like I did for Cousin IT, I added some floral pins to the bottom the of cage, it holds the cage in place keeping the wind from blowing it away.


Fall Mantle and a Painted Pumpkin

Last weekend it finally felt like fall. The leaves are just starting to turn, but the temps dipped enough for us to turn on the heat and break out heavier blankets.

It was also when we decided to put on some fall decorations. Cousin IT has  been hanging out in the front yard for a few weeks now, but inside it was still saying summer with our teal birdy mantle.
cat hair & glitter summer mantle
cat hair & glitter summer mantle

So Saturday we changed the tart warmer scent to fall scents, put on Mean Girls, because it was October 3. Happy Mean Girls Day!! Then we decorated the mantle. By we decorated the mantle, I mean I watched Netflix while Abbey decorated the mantle. It may be the most glittery mantle I've ever seen. This blog isn't called Cat Hair & Glitter for nothing.
cat hair & glitter fall mantlecat hair & glitter fall mantle
cat hair & glitter fall mantle
cat hair & glitter fall mantle

cat hair & glitter fall mantle

cat hair & glitter fall mantle

cat hair & glitter fall mantle
cat hair & glitter fall mantle
To carry on the glittery we decorated a Dyslexia Awareness pumpkin.  It took two coats of black craft paint. The glitter ribbon is made from left over glitter wrapping paper. The same paper we used in the bathroom. Some very valuable advice, spray it with clear spray. Otherwise the paint pulls off at the slightest touch.

cat hair & glitter Dyslexia Awareness pumpkin

cat hair & glitter Dyselxia Awareness pumpkin


How to Make Cousin IT

I saw a picture I think it was on Facebook, of a Cousin IT sitting in someone's yard. I fell in love and since we didn't own any Halloween decorations. We've moved 6 times in 5 years, we only move what we love, Sadly we never really loved anything for Halloween. Anyway, The picture didn't have directions so I came up with my own.

This is beyond easy and costs under 20.

1 small tomato cage- Lowes less than 3.
4 child size hula skirts- Hobby Lobby 2.99 each
foam top hat- Hobby Lobby 2.99
Sunglasses-Had laying around the house
String- Had laying around the house
Floral pins- Walmart 97 cents a bag you only need a few. I used 3

Start with the tomato cage and wrap a hula skirt around it and tie

 It was a super windy day. 

 I just went down the cage tying the skirt on. I took each previous layer off so you could see more clearly how each layer goes on.

 Then I added all the layers together and this is what I had
 No way was the hat going to stay on, especially with the wind. So I poked a hole in the side and tied a sheer ribbon. I just used what I already had on hand. I repeated the same tying method with the sunglasses. I just used an old pair that I had handy.

Like I said it was windy and he immediately fell right over. So I used some floral pins to attach it to the ground. Stick the pin over the hoop and push into the ground. Kinda like a staple.

You may be able to find a hula skirt at your Dollar Tree or even Oriantal Trading, I just stumbled on these at Hobby Lobby.

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