Worst. Present. Ever

I once got a shirt for Christmas. It was off the shoulder and the oddest shade of orange, almost a persimmon color. I loved that shirt. But. it took me forever to be able to wear it because for some reason I felt like my socks had to match my shirts. Anyway....

The shirt came with a pair of pants. I am not exaggerating the pants were jungle print MC Hammer parachute pants. This was at a time when even MC Hammer wouldn't be caught dead in parachute pants. I wish I had a picture of what they looked like. It was something like this.
 I try desperately to pick presents that people will love, but sometimes you make mistakes. I still cringe at a present I once gave someone. This may be up for debate but the present that I think is the worst I ever gave someone was to my moms husband the year they got married. I should preface this by saying that I didn't really like him then. Now that they have been married 14 years, my feelings haven't changed. But the year I had no idea what to get him. I waited until just a few minutes hours before our gift exchange and ran into a store to grab something. I ended up buying him a bathroom soap dispenser.
So whats the worst present you've ever received or given?


  1. Oh! I have a post about this for next week. My worst gifts are usually something expensive that I think they'll just absolutely love and then they don't and I put a hurting on my wallet for not reason. The #1 worst was a race car driving experience for a boyfriend, who was disappointed and made me feel worse by saying things like, "I wish you hadn't spent the money." and "You should have just bought me something."

  2. I am certain they still use that dispenser and it ended up bein the theme of one bathroom

  3. I've gotten some scary clothes too.

  4. I think clothes is best bought by the person going to be wearing them. I buy my kids stuff but I would never feel comfortable buying clothes for someone else.

  5. I still think its a terrible present lol

  6. I would absolutely LOVE a race car driving experience.

  7. Hahahahaha! Those are pretty bad gifts!

    I can't remember getting anything truly horrible. Or giving anything horrible. I think I've gotten pretty lucky.


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