What do you mean there is no Santa Clause?

I mentioned last week that I got into an argument, about whether or not you should tell  kids there is a Santa. I don't care what people do concerning Santa, but I really didn't like being told I was wrong because I went the no Santa route. See, I was raised believing in Santa. My sister (obviously) was raised believing in Santa. But neither one of us are big fans of Santa. When I got married and had Abbey we talked about Santa. I wanted what I remembered most about Santa, The pictures. I loved my pictures with Santa, and I wanted that for my kids. Other than that, I really didn't care. My ex came from a household where they didn't tell their children about Santa and he didn't want to tell ours about it either. We compromised. I could have the pictures and the kids would know Santa wasn't real.

Later the whole pictures with Santa seemed crazy since the kids didn't believe, and that was ok by me. After years of living with no Santa, I realized its actually a good thing. Here's my reasons for being Anti Santa.

1. We could be somewhere other than our house and not have to worry about how Santa was dropping the presents off. We could either open them before we traveled or when we got back and the girls didn't worry about if they were being delivered.

2. Call me selfish but I didn't want some fat white haired guy getting the glory for buying that perfect present.

3. I didn't have to worry about NOT finding that perfect present, I could just explain that the store was sold out and we can get it after Christmas. (Yes, I had to do that once.)

4. We used not believing in Santa as a teaching tool. We should be Santa for those less fortunate. We've rang bells for the Salvation Army (dressed as Reindeer) and we've adopted Angels off the Angel tree. This year we did the Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child.

5. Not getting a pile of presents didn't mean they were bad

6. I didn't have to rely on a fat white haired man (or an Elf)  to help me keep my kids behavior in line. I still think the "he sees you when your sleeping, He knows when your awake" is creepy.

7. I didn't have to worry that someone was going to let it slip that Santa wasn't real. 
On a different topic. I was getting ready to leave my house yesterday and heard water dripping in the closet. I opened the door to find my water heater gushing water out of the pressure valve.
 I screamed, I ranted, I frantically texted my sister who posed the question to FB that I had water gushing from my water heater and did anyone know how to fix it. I got several responses from guys saying that I needed to replace my water heater. I googled the problem and realized that by turning my temp up (I like HOTT showers) I created steam in the tank and it built up pressure and resulted in the pressure valve releasing the pressure in the form of dumping scalding hot water all over my floor. I turned all the gas off to my tank. Then I held the valve up (Releasing pressure) until it was no longer leaking water when the valve was down. Then waited a few minutes and reset it all. Voila no more leaking water heater. Then of course I commented to the guys and told them how I fixed it and thanked them for their advice.


  1. As a good rule of thumb? If you have *any* kind of minor home-repair or technical problem like that, one of the best places to start is actually YouTube.
    Seriously- go there, type in "water heater leaking" into the search, and marvel at how many how-to videos you have free access to. You can find damn near anything on there; the only catch is that sometimes you'll have to do some sorting to find your exact problem. Beats hell and blazes out of a Facebook inquiry, though.

  2. What HR said. That even includes car repairs. I don't know how many times that's saved my bacon.

    I believed in Santa until I was about 6, which I think was a good age. It's easy to keep the secret prior to that age. However, if you have an 11 year old who still believes in Santa, I feel like you've been bending over backwards WAY too much to keep the lie going.

  3. That was my aunt. My cousin was probably 12 when he found out, and then he was made that the rest of the cousins had been laughing at him behind his back. This is the same family that fed their daughter until she was 5 because they didn't want her to get dirty. I have felt on top of the world for figuring out the water heater without spending money or ruining my floors.

  4. It didn't take me very long to find what I needed. It was obvious to me it was a valve thing (cause it said pressure valve where it was leaking lol) Once I googled leaking at pressure valve it was an easy fix. I just hated standing in scalding hot water.

  5. I don't remember ever believing in Santa, and I'm completely ok with that. It makes zero sense to me to lie to your child just so they can learn the truth and be upset about it later. Sure, it's fun, but I guess I don't value that more than honesty or a logical outlook on things. And it didn't matter that we didn't believe - we still left cookies out, and made jokes about Santa, and pretended to be asleep so our Mom could drop off "Santa's presents" without having to stay up to a ridiculous hour.

    Glad you got your water heater figured out!

  6. My kids were that way with the tooth fairy. Then my oldest decide to save all her teeth and cash them all in at once.

  7. My son knows about Santa. My daughter still believes. Eventually she'll catch on. I think my parents told me when I was 10? I was just like, "eh."

  8. I don't remember when I found out santa wasn't real. I remember trying to wait up one night, but I think I figured out pretty quickly that it was just mom and dad. I was mostly waiting up for the reindeer, I was totally creeped out by Santa, as all my screaming my head of Santa photos attest to.
    I'd be nervous your kids (well, i guess not YOURS you have nice kids, but other non-santa kids) would be those a-holes that go to school and ruin it for other kids.

  9. I can't remember when I figured it out. The girls were pretty much threatened not to tell other kids. They were confused that people believed it. I do have a story about a granola bar fairy and the time abbey told her class I was the tooth fairy and they all assumed I was really the tooth fairy.

  10. I don't remember it being a big deal when I found out either. Mostly because I don't remember figuring it out.

  11. I loved Santa when I was little. I always looked forward to continuing the tradition with my own kids. But, of course, I don't have any.

    I don't really care if people tell their kids the truth about Santa or not. Everyone has to do what they feel fits best for their family. Telling someone they're "wrong" is ridiculous.

  12. It was my dad that said I was wrong. He accused me of doing it to spite him

  13. HJ is so freaked out by people in costume, I had to come clean about most of it. This weekend we were at an event and he shouted, "THEY ARENT REAL, ITS PEOPLE IN COSTUMES!". Then we had to have the talk about keeping it a secret from children that do believe...

  14. It was tricky at first when it seemed like everyone else their age believed.

  15. I was honest with my daughter right from the start, it hasn't harmed her in anyway, although a lot of people over the years have said it would.

    I've taken it a little step further than you, we don't celebrate christmas at all. We prefer to have a family celebration of our parents marriage once a year, the entire family gets together and we have a big dinner and buy each other gifts and celebrate the two people who made us a family.

    My daughter also gets random gifts for no other reason than because I love her, which is always a nice thing. I've always preferred the idea that I buy gifts for people when I choose to, not because there's some commercial celebration that dictates when I should. A lot of people don't agree with it or understand it, but it's what works for us.

  16. The family celebration is a good idea. My ex husband use to do what he calls a hobbit birthday. He would buy presents for people on his birthday.

  17. I enjoy reading your view point! I think I will tell my kids there is a santa just for the sake of a little 'magic' but I respect people who don't want to do that- as long as they make it clear to their kids not to go up to kids and taunt them/tell everyone that santa isn't real/make fun of them for still believing/ etc. Also kudos for fixing your water heater and then showing those guys whos boss :P


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