Wednesday Confessions

Wednesday is probably my favorite blogging day, because I can turn a bunch of random sentences into a post.

  • I am probably way too happy about GhostBev being back. The whole saga back during the summer, helped me get through the home buying process, I definitely needed the laugh it provided. 
  • I remembered I had downloaded, to my kindle, the Sophia Kinsella book "shop a holic to the stars" Its like Christmas came early for me. 
  • The dreary rainy weather is depressing me. I need sun and warmth. 
  • I finally started watching Gilmore Girls. My girls and I have spent every evening this week curled up under the electric blanket watching it. We laugh at how similar it is to our lives. Even some of the lines are things that we have said to each other. 
  • I've been peer pressuring my coworker to start a blog. She has a lot of great stories to tell. I hope she actually does.  
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  1. haha I cannot believe GhostBev came back. But then disappeared again. That woman needs another child like she needs a hole in the head.

  2. I love when I forget about books I have and then find them. It really IS like Christmas!

  3. especially with the dreary weather we are having. I love nothing more than to get home and lay around reading the rest of the evening.

  4. I've been doing that too. I'm *almost* done with the book I've been reading since June!


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