We are having our first real cold front. Its only 30ish degrees, which is just a taste of the horrible cold that, if last year was any indication, of what we can expect. I have been walking through the house and finding pockets of cool air. So far my electric bill has been good, but I don't want to waste any money on heating the outside.

So far I've insulated behind the outlet covers that are on an outside wall. I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but when I was buying weatherizing material it was only 3 for a box that would do the whole house.

The house was built in 1950, so I still have a floor furnace. It doesn't work, I have central air, but I do still have the big old vent in the hallway floor. I have a rug over it because it hurts to walk on. long term goal is to pull the furnace up and add some inlaid tile there. Short term goal is stopping the feel of Siberia when walking in the hall way. I laid plastic under the vent for the time being, however I really think it needs to have insulation too.

The house had new windows in two of the rooms when I moved in. I am now noticing that there is a gap around the window where it wasn't caulked and you can feel a nice steady breeze.

When I moved in there was a weird particle board covering half of the crawl space. I knew that was just asking for frozen pipes. A friend made me a door that fits right in the opening. Yay for friends that build things.

I still don't want winter to come, but at least I can hibernate and not worry about my electric bill.


  1. A few years ago when my sister was in college, she was living with a couple of her friends. They were determine to spend as little as possible on utilities, so instead of running the heat, they kept the faucets running at a slow drip to prevent them from freezing, and just bundled up all the time and used heating blankets. Crazy kids!

    I know nothing about winterizing, so I'll be totally lost when I'm no longer renting.

  2. Brr. We're having a freeze here too. Too cold.

  3. I just want to eat and sleep I can't stand cold at all

  4. Our house is old and drafty and all that fun stuff too. I'm sure glad I don't have to pay the electric bill!


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