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There won't be any pictures in this post. Believe me you wouldn't want to see it anyway. About a month ago I made my annual dermatology appointment. I have a family history of skin cancer, and a personal history with skin cancer.  I was dumb and started using the tanning bed in 7th grade. I have always been naturally tanned (perk of being part Sioux) But I wanted to be REALLY dark.

Now, years later, I am dealing with the aftermath. I have had 4 displastic moles. That means the area has skin cells that are going rogue. They aren't normal. They have to be removed. Its not fun or pretty.

This time when I got the call that the biopsy was not good and they wanted to see me again to remove more. The nurse on the phone was so sweet and started to explain the process.. I cut her off and said I understood, I've been there done that and just needed my time to come back. She gave me a date and I showed up.

Several stitches later, in a spot I can't reach, but everyone I see wants to hit. Who knew so many people patted me on the back? I never noticed before. I know its getting to be tanning bed season. At least it would have been for me. I loved the feel of the bed on a cold day. It was like the best spa treatment. Totally relaxing and warming me literally from the inside out. I still find myself craving the feeling of the bed. But then I think about stitches, and wound care, and the allergy rash I will get from the adhesive, and the possibility that the next displastic mole isn't caught in time..... its just not worth it.

While I'm handing out advice let me say make an appointment for a full body check by your dermatologist. If you are in the Central Kentucky area I will highly recommend mine. Not all dermatologist will do a full body check, unless you ask. Its really important. Every problem area that I have had has been one that didn't concern me. The places I had concerns about have never been anything to worry about. So ask for the full body.  


  1. I have skin cancer in my family (my dad i currently undergoing treatment for melanoma) so I can't agree more with this post! We should all be careful!

  2. I wish someone had told me then, although I probably wouldn't have listened.

  3. There's some skin cancer in my family, also. I went to my first dermatologist appointment a couple months ago and it was a really good experience! They didn't have any concerns, but I learned a lot and have a better idea what to watch out for. I think in general we could all benefit from being better educated about it.

  4. Yes, we should all be careful for sure. Skin cancer does not run in my family, but I still watch how I treat my skin.

  5. I've been awful to mine, but I've made sure my girls have been better.

  6. My first was by chance. I was taking my youngest daughter to have her eczema looked at and the dr noticed a place. I really lucked out.

  7. I have a family history of skin cancer, too, and a personal history of far too many sunburns to count. Thanks for the reminder that I should get checked!


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