loopy Friday

How do my nice, sweet, wonderful children repay me for letting them stay hone nearly all week and recover? By giving me the plague.  I am hopped up on Sudafed and Dayquil. I am hoping I kick this soon. My Christmas decorations are being delivered tomorrow. They've been in storage since my move. I don't have a storage building yet. That and a fence back yard on high on my Spring to -do list.

I am moaning that even with the drugs in my system I feel no better. My head is so congested. I even bought the real Sudafed that you have to ask the pharmacist for. Do you have to do that in your state or is that something Kentucky does because we have too many idiots making Meth?  Anyway, I feel loopy.

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  1. Yeah, we have the Sudafed issue too. I hope you feel better soon!


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