Holiday Confessions

  • I could be done with Christmas shopping right now. I know me well enough to know I will still be buying odds and ends all the way up to Christmas Eve, but in theory, I am finished shopping.
  • I'm excited/nervous about tomorrow. I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house. I haven't cooked a turkey in 14 years. I really hope I don't burn the house down. 
  • I got into an argument over telling kids or not telling kids about Santa. Yes, this will be a blog post as soon as I get it written. 
  • I do not do black Friday. I just don't have the patience for that insanity. 


  1. I did Black Friday once - to sightsee. I didn't shop at all. My idea of shopping is either orderly checking things off a list, or leisurely trying things on and enjoying myself. I have no desire to fight crowds, and claw desperately for deals that probably aren't real and I have trouble even understanding why anyone would want to.

    I'm hosting too! No turkey, though. We only have 3 attendees, so it doesn't necessarily make sense to cook something that big, and, well, I didn't feel up to it. Good luck with yours! I'm sure you won't burn the house down.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I can't even deal with the people on a Monday night at Target. No way I'd be able to do black friday. No way.
    Good luck cooking everything and hosting!

  3. Have a great Thanksgiving! I have done Black Friday before. It's not horrible, but the lines take forever.

  4. I can't stand waiting in lines. I get frustrated on a regular day and leave if the lines are too long

  5. I survived, I had to medicate with prescription Migraine meds, but I survived, and no one got food poisoning

  6. I had 7, I love shopping online, I lives for Amazon Prime

  7. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and that your turkey was perfect!


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