Who do you decorate for?

I am addicted to reading Addicted 2 Decorating. She is a wonder woman. She just remodeled her kitchen from the studs up and 90% on her own. Our homes were built the same year, however hers is a little bigger than mine. So, I soak up every post she writes and dream about the day that I take the plunge and do something daring with my house. She just painted her kitchen cabinets green. It looks AMAZING!

A couple of days ago she wrote a post about decorating for yourself, not for resale and some future unknown buyer of your house.  I have moved 6 times in the last 5 years. Even when I thought I was settled and wouldn't have to move again (with moves 2,4 and 5) I still ended up having to pack up my life and move. The longest I have lived anywhere Since I was 18 is 5 years. At the house I lived in for 5 years, I was daring. I painted the bathroom a brownish colored called Brown Paper. You can guess it looked like brown paper. I did a faux paint treatment on the livingroom and hall way so it looked like suede. I thought it was amazing. People visiting would always reach out and touch it because it looked textured. Abbey's room was a teal. Emmy's room had a ladybug theme so I took the paddles off the ceiling fan and painted them and added lady bug spots. I had no problem wielding a paintbrush. Its just paint after all. It can be changed. I think the constant moving has messed with my creativity.

Now I live in a house that I bought and not one that I share with a significant other.  It makes a difference. I know I won't have to ever move (unless Chase bank makes me) But now I find myself in a almost decorating paralysis. Big ideas I had several homes ago, I have no drive to do now. I second and third guess myself at every turn and other than unpacking the only thing I have done is paint Abbey's bedroom. I have a box of paint chips that I have collected over the years. I have pinterest boards and Houzz idea books. Basically,  I have ideas that I can't settle on.

Why is decorating for yourself so hard? Or is it just me that thinks having free rein to do whatever I want is such a scary and daunting task? I literally have no idea where to start. Hell, I was so excited to buy a house with a fire place and I still haven't even done anything with it.

There is a house on my street that sold the week before mine. They have been busy since the moment they closed. Ive seen them drag all their cabinets into the carport and refinish them (btw...they look awesome and I kinda want to ask them to do mine). If I can ever decide what exactly I want.

I have never really been an indecisive person. I've always just used my gut and jumped feet first into every idea I have. I have no idea where this fear of change is coming from.  But, I hope it goes away soon. I want to be able to show you pretty before and after pictures.


  1. I long to be able to decorate for myself. I have moved a lot and have never had the freedom to decorate any of the places I've lived. Not with paint, anyway. I look forward to one day being able to do that.

  2. I stink at decorating. My husband is actually better at it. I'm good so long as I have a couch, a bed, and a TV.

  3. I like decorating, but it goes in waves. When we moved to our current place I was really excited and I bought curtains and wanted all our wall art up immediately. Now, I'm starting to think about the next move and it just doesn't seem as important. Suede walls sound amazing!


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