Thinkgs I learned while photographing seniors

Today I had the pleasure of taking pics of some senior band members for their senior night celebration. I had 4 girls and 4 boys. I  took pics of them separately and then group pics. The big thing I  observed.The boys are bigger diva's. How so?
  • They chose NOT to wear their hats so their hair would look good. The girls kept their hats on.
  • The boys wanted different poses. The girls were content with whatever
  • The girls had several ideas for group shots. They had to recreate the Abbey Road album cover, but with one kid being hit by a car. (the car was parked)
  • It was all in good fun. But really cracked me up because I would have thought that the girls would have been the divas. 


  1. Was I the only one that started reading this expecting to see a list of how to properly photograph the elderly?

    1. Damn now I feel like i need to re write this post, because that would have been AWESOME!!!

  2. That really is surprising. I thought the girls (and their moms) would have given you more of a problem than the boys.

    1. The only mom that was present was the mom of a boy. Which is also surprising


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