September Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge

Last month I joined Stephanie, Steph, and Ashley's Choose your own adventure challenge. September's theme was fitness. I chose the goals of
  • Walk one mile everyday
  • Walk to work at least once every week
So how did I do?

  • Week 1: Missed walking on Saturday but walked a total of 12.5 for the week
  • Week 2: Skipped Friday but walked 14 miles for the week
  • Week 3: Forgot to write down the week but I didn't skip any days.
  • Week 4: Skipped Sunday but walked  11.5 miles for the week 6 of those miles were on Saturday. 
I hate to admit while I did walk to my office , it wasn't for a work day. I had hopes this goal would help me lose weight. Instead I have gained 2 pounds.

October is food. I debated cutting out Dr Pepper, but who am I kidding. So  I chose to make 1 new recipe a week and eat breakfast at least 3 days a week.

Oh and did you catch that I put this recap in a list form so I could count it for my 31 days of posts?
Not Entirely Perfect


  1. That's a lot of miles you logged! Great job! I'm impressed. As for the weight gain, you may have put on some muscle in those miles.

    My goals for October involve new recipes as well!

  2. When I start working out, I always gain a few pounds at the beginning. Good job with all that walking! I need to ramp up my cardio. Last week was good, but this week I've been putting forth more excuses than exercise. :P

  3. It's okay, I couldn't cut out Diet Coke either..

  4. Oh dang, that's a lot of miles each week! You gained muscle, let's just go with that.
    I'm terrible about eating breakfast. I just drink coffee and forget about it.

    1. I usually drink a ton of dr pepper. then feel starved and overeat at lunch.


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