This is the second time I've attempted to do a 31 day challenge with the nesting place. Not sure what the 31 day writing challenge is? You can read more about it here. Last year I attempted to talk about relationships. Except I forgot. I absolutely suck at relationships, and talking about them makes me pissed and depressed everyone who attempted to read it. There must be a reason my own father calls me a bitter person. So I quit.

October is always a busy time for  me because my oldest is in marching band, and October is the ending of our season. Which makes it the busiest. I've thought about this challenge off and on throughout the year and I've kicked around some ideas and shot them all down.

  • Wreaths- I don't have time to make a wreath everyday and also I am not a craft blog.
  • Dyslexia- While it is my favorite topic and it is dyslexia awareness month. Do I have 31 days worth of topics
  • Confessions- Promising but do I really have 31 things I am ready to confess?
  • Letters- Who would I write to?
  • Organization- I am still a major work in progress myself
Then I sat back and looked at my list and thought BINGO! I'll write about lists. So here is day 1 of 31 day of lists. I will have a page at the top that links to all the days.

Day 2: Choose your own Adventure Challenge recap


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