I am so excited about this Friday. I have been looking forward to it for forever.

  1. Its the start of my Vacation. The girls have fall break next week so I decided it would be a great time to take a week off. 
  2. I am going to my hometown to our annual festival. 
  3. I have big plans of sleeping in, staying up late watching Scandal, and doing jobs around my house
  4. I made my first house payment. That may not seem like something to high five, but getting here has been such a journey I am enjoying all the little things, and yeah that even means writing that check every month
  5. I took the girls to the homecoming parade. It was nice to be able to walk there instead of fighting traffic. Emmy loved it she kept thanking me. Even though it was mostly just cheerleaders, ball players and other organizations on campus. 


  1. Enjoy your weekend!

    I love sleeping in. And Scandal.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. I hope it was as good as you wanted it to be!


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