a creepy story for Halloween

In celebration of Halloween this weekend. I wanted to share a creepy story with you.

It was a dark and stormy night. Ok no it wasn't. But it was night. This happened way back in high school.  I was spending the night with my best friend. Her dad was a farmer and they had bought land that had an old house on it. They never used the house, just the field and the barn. Then the house they lived in burned and they were forced to live in the old farm house until theirs was rebuilt. This house was in the middle of no where, at the county line, and beside a cemetery.

Her dad was working late in the field, so the only people home were her mom, me and her, and her brother and a friend of his. I was in her room while she ran down stairs to get something. No one else was upstairs.Her bedroom was at the top of the stairs and her bed faced the door. I saw a make figure walk up the stairs, walk past her room and walk down the hall.

I don't know why but I got up to follow this person. The hallway was dark and the end of the hall only had 2 rooms. Her parents room and a storage room that they had never been able to get the door open to. I got to her parents room and it was empty. I turned to leave and heard something moving in the storage room.

I went downstairs and found everyone sitting on the couch. I told them about the man walking up the stairs and the noise in the storage room. That's when they told me a previous owner of the house had committed suicide........in that room.


  1. Omg, that's so scary! I've never seen anything supernatural, but I know a few people with stories. Hooray for Halloween, though!

  2. That is genuinely creepy. The guy that previously lived in Brandon's house (which I'm sure you saw the post) was a drug dealer who OD'd in the basement. Sometimes when we're down there the cats will randomly stare at the spot where he died and then freak out, but other than that I'm just glad neither of us have actually seen any figures moving.

  3. ack! Stories like this freak me out!


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