the burbs

Have you seen the movie "The Burbs"? Tom Hanks lives in a quiet suburb and neighborhood until some freaky people move in. He spends the movie trying to figure out who these people really are and what they are up to. Its funny, and maybe on Netflix. Go watch it.

I have moved into the burbs. Actually I moved into our city but since I live in the middle of no where the down town is actually the burbs. I am on a sleepy little street. All of my neighbors are old. My next door neighbor is easily in her 70's. Because I am a nosey person, I tend to watch my neighbors. Being on the end gives me the advantage of seeing what everyone is doing.

I've lived here for a month, and in that time The neighbor across the street has never been home. Actually they were never hear when I was waiting for closing. I drove down my street many times and never did I see a car in the driveway, or lights on. Over the weekend. Suddenly lights are on. People are coming and going.

I find myself standing in front of the kitchen window watching the comings and goings. I get the sense that this could be the start of something very bad. Very bad for me. See, Tom Hanks became so obsessed with his neighbor that his wife leaves him, he goes insane from paranoia (ok not really insane but close enough), wrestles in the back of an ambulance with the freaky neighbor nearly dies. I hope that this is not my future. I really can't imagine myself wrestling for my life with the old lady next door.

If you don't hear from me in a few weeks you may want to stop by my house. I may need help on my neighborhood stakeout, or fighting off old people who may or may not be trying to kill me.


  1. I've never seen the movie, if only for the fact that I too live in the burbs and would just rather not see what life COULD be like. I find that never leaving the house helps; if I go near windows, the sunlight burns my pale flesh, forcing me to retreat back to the dark caverns of my basement.

    1. I'm becoming way to invested in what the people across the street are doing, and where they have been for the last month. I think I should probably get a life.

  2. First, I love that movie. Second, you should try digging up their backyard. I'm sure the old neighbors are buried out there.


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