That time I almost got arrested at Wal Mart

It was a typical day. My sister and I and my 2 girls went to wal mart. Not necessarily because I needed anything, but pretty much because we were bored.

We did our thing and were leaving the store. Also as usual, we lost the car and were wandering the parking lot looking for it. That's when it happened.

As we were pushing our cart through an aisle a literal blue haired old lady driving a big ass car nearly ran us over. when we shouted (becuase we were scared.) She stops her car. To bad for us she stops her car right behind mine. We load the car with whatever we got and the kids. She is still sitting in her car blocking mine in. I walk up to her window to ask her what the problem is.

She starts Shreaking at me to get away from her car. I'm trying to be nice but she is freaking the hell out. I can't get her to move her car. So I go behind her car and write down her license plate number. She is still screaming.

I get back into my car and call 911. Then apologize because its not what I would consider an emergency, however I had no clue what the number for the police is. Apparently she also called the police. They are on their way.

When they arrive I tell my side and she says I hit her car with my fist and left a dent. The cop really had to try not to laugh. I am 4'10 how the hell am I going to punch a dent into a car? I told him she is obviously mentally unhinged and needs help. She then tells us her son is the District Attorney and she will have us all arrested. Now the cop was stiffing actual laughs. He explained to the woman that we don't have DA's in Kentucky that we have commonwealth attorney's and that he would be more than happy to turn over the walmart security cameras that show that I did not attack her car.

She flounced off into the store and I was left shaking my head. The cop told me to let him know if I heard anything from this "District Attorney"

I never heard anything from this crazy old lady. But I wonder about her, and if she is still allowed to drive.


  1. Wow, that's insane (and kind of hilarious). I blame Wal-Mart. It's like a swirling vortex of stupidity that sucks all into its abyss. At least you weren't taken in there with her (and her DA son).

    1. I can laugh about it now. At the time I wanted to put a dent in her face lol

  2. The first thing that always come to mind with old people is dementia. Regardless of whether she had any kind of disorder, it's a little scary that some people who are so out of it can still drive around in big, powerful machines, fully capable of killing people accidentally.

    I saw an old man casually cross 4 lanes of traffic on the highway by simply drifting over into lanes that were occupied. Everyone else swerved out of his way, but it was only through some combination of luck and other people's quick reflexes that he didn't cause a major accident.

    I'm glad you guys are ok and you didn't get arrested!

  3. What a mean, crazy old lady! I'm glad nothing happened to you and that she didn't "accidentally" run you over!


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