I can be sweet

Its been said many times.....by nearly everyone I know in real life, that I am mean.

Yes, I am the person screaming at you for stopping and getting out of your car in the school drop off lane. But really, that is for your own good. People who work don't have time to leisurely drop their kids off. I barely stop when I drop mine off and am shouting reminders as they are getting out of the car. I just think if you have that kind of time, use the front door, its slower paced, and you can actually walk them inside.

Yes, I may shove your cart out of the way, if you leave it blocking the entire aisle. I may also look at you judgenly while your child throws a level 4 freak out in the store and causes mass destruction. I may also tell you what you can do to deter that. For one thing, you first messed up by giving in. No should ALWAYS mean no. Its not just for unwanted advances. If your child hits me with anything as I walk by your cart I will probably stop and tell you to control your child or leave them at home. (yes that has happened, yes the mom was talking on the phone and not paying attention to her child AT ALL)

Yes, I am the person that will write you a letter, telling you that you park like shit, if you take him more than one parking spot. 

But there are times when I am nice.

To the person who left their purse in their abandoned shopping cart (I'm assuming to take your screaming child outside) I took your purse to the service desk....You're welcome.

To the students who parked right in front of the no parking sign at my office, I hope you head my warning on the note and don't park here. I know its super convenient, but the owner really does tow.

I gave a friend of mine a clarinet and trumpet for his beginning band program. Its his first year teaching, and I want everyone to be able to play if they want to.

To the student this morning that got out of her car and walked right by the owner on her way to class. Sorry :( I would have left you a note warning you too, but considering you also parked right in front of the no parking sign, and flipped your hair as you walked past him, you were doomed. You're car is about a mile away, have fun walking. 

And proof that I am a nice person.....sometimes.

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