What can I say?

There is so many things I could talk about today.

I should be closing on my house this week. Which isn't a moment too soon considering my ex has rented out the house I am living in.

School starts back this week, and I am not looking forward to it. I enjoy our laid back summer schedule even if I am still going to work everyday,

My youngest got invited to go on a caribean cruise with her friends family. I am kinda sad my child will get to go on a cruise before me.

I'm wondering if Emmy's school hates her teacher. They have put everyone of Emmy's "best friends" in one class. I was hoping to change Emmy's school. I am moving into a different school district, The elementary school that Em could go to is right beside the high school that Abbey goes to. That would be awesome for me since I take the girls to school. However, since the school has decided to let Emmy have a year with everyone she loves, I'll never get her to agree to change schools. Her dad lives beside the school so she can continue to attend. Its her last year anyway.

I am wondering WTF is up with some parents that they would allow their child to post this as their job? Hitler @ Burning Jews? If my child even thought about doing this, even as a (dumb ass) joke she'd never see the light of day. She'd be grounded from everything except breathing. That is not funny, or cute. Its tacky, tasteless, and shows what a low class, racisit person you are.

I am hoping I will blog more this week. I am avoiding packing, because I am tired of it so that seems like a great way to procrastinate.


  1. Stay classy, high school students! That little Facebook gag is just a firm reminder that kids truly have no idea that what gets posted on the Internet can get stuck to them a very, VERY long time.

  2. I know. I was trying to tell her boyfriend who is heading to school to become a teacher, that associating with people that post that can hinder him getting employed, or cause his students parents to demand he be fired. I'm thinking there is a lack of parenting.

  3. Good luck with the moving and stuff.

    And, yeah, that Hitler joke? There's nothing remotely funny about that. That kid's parents need a talking to.

    1. I'm going to go out on a limb and say she has no parents. I monitor my kids social media. No way would they get by with posting something like that.

  4. WHAT? That FB thing is just awful :/

    I'd be jealous if my kid was going on a cruise, that's for sure.

    1. I want to go with her. But honestly Im kinda afraid I'd get on a boat and have an anxiety attack so maybe it isn't best for me.


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