How I saved 100 a month on television

When I was living with my boyfriend I got Direct tv. I basically wanted to be able to watch HGTV. My bill kept changing I called customer service every month with either a concern about my bill or a device had broken. I had 2 service calls within the first 3 months of having Direct TV. Which means I had to add a service plan or those visits would have cost me a few hundred dollars each.....yeah they had faulty equipment and I had to pay extra so they could be serviced.

When I started renting my ex husbands house he had cable and I used it. Since I have moved out, I've decided no more cable for me. HGTV has basically turned into nothing but house hunting shows, or shows on flipping houses. I will never be able to overhaul my house like that so pretty much the one channel I wanted to watch is useless to me now. Its not worth paying over 100 every month. I just don't watch that much tv.

I have always had a Netflix subscription. I used my Wii to stream it to our television. With the latest move I decided that we would try out the Roku. I got 2 on Amazon for less than what WalMart had them for, and I could use PRIME. The wii is still in the livingroom and my bedroom and Abbey's have a Roku. To stream Netflix on more than 2 televisions I have to pay 12 a month. But that still saves me a hundred a month.I havent missed it at all. The girls haven't either. Maybe they will once their sports seasons end but right now they aren't getting home until 5 for Em and 6:30 for Abbey. With the Roku I get Hulu free for 2 months, but really I don't like it. I hate that there are commercials. I hate that its harder to navigate whats available. I hate that there isn't as many options....or at least I don't think there are because I can't find them.

 I think lack of cable is driving dad crazy he has called to price having it installed. I still refuse. I reminded him that its my house and I don't want it. If he does, he is more than welcome to move out and get cable.

So really my secret is I bought a ROKU and have been taking advantage of my Netflix. Pretty lame secret.


  1. We love our Direct TV, but I've been thinking about getting a ROKU so that I can stream Netflix directly to my TV. Still thinking about it...

  2. I'm currently thinking of cutting cable because I really don't watch TV that much. This is the 2nd positive review I've heard of it in 2 days. I'm also considering the Chromecast stick thingy.


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