Choose your own adventure

Stephanie has started an awesome monthly link up called choose your own adventure. The first month is Fitness. I can not wait to get started. I have slowly been watching the numbers rise on the scale. I keep telling myself that I need to exercise but truthfully I'm lazy and its not fun, so I ignore that inner voice.

I recently moved into the perfect neighborhood for walking, and I am maybe, at best, a mile from my office. On the days the girls are with their dad there is no excuse for not walking to work.

My goal is to walk one mile a day and walk to work one day a week. This may not seem like a lot, but for someone who doesn't move, at all, it has to be baby steps.

So check back with me on October 2 to see if I succeed.

Not Entirely Perfect

How I saved 100 a month on television

When I was living with my boyfriend I got Direct tv. I basically wanted to be able to watch HGTV. My bill kept changing I called customer service every month with either a concern about my bill or a device had broken. I had 2 service calls within the first 3 months of having Direct TV. Which means I had to add a service plan or those visits would have cost me a few hundred dollars each.....yeah they had faulty equipment and I had to pay extra so they could be serviced.

When I started renting my ex husbands house he had cable and I used it. Since I have moved out, I've decided no more cable for me. HGTV has basically turned into nothing but house hunting shows, or shows on flipping houses. I will never be able to overhaul my house like that so pretty much the one channel I wanted to watch is useless to me now. Its not worth paying over 100 every month. I just don't watch that much tv.

I have always had a Netflix subscription. I used my Wii to stream it to our television. With the latest move I decided that we would try out the Roku. I got 2 on Amazon for less than what WalMart had them for, and I could use PRIME. The wii is still in the livingroom and my bedroom and Abbey's have a Roku. To stream Netflix on more than 2 televisions I have to pay 12 a month. But that still saves me a hundred a month.I havent missed it at all. The girls haven't either. Maybe they will once their sports seasons end but right now they aren't getting home until 5 for Em and 6:30 for Abbey. With the Roku I get Hulu free for 2 months, but really I don't like it. I hate that there are commercials. I hate that its harder to navigate whats available. I hate that there isn't as many options....or at least I don't think there are because I can't find them.

 I think lack of cable is driving dad crazy he has called to price having it installed. I still refuse. I reminded him that its my house and I don't want it. If he does, he is more than welcome to move out and get cable.

So really my secret is I bought a ROKU and have been taking advantage of my Netflix. Pretty lame secret.


That time I met Captain America

The wheel was set into motion soon after I made the offer on my house the seller installed 3 new windows and new outlets. The house was built in 1950 and even though the electrical and plumbing had all been updates, the outlets hadn't and they were still the 2 prong.

Right before closing I learn that there was an issue with a reflection in the attic that was holding up the closing. It looked like there was a giant hole in the house. The appraiser (yes same one that screwed me over with house #1) was attaching the picture showing it was not a hole, to her bill instead of the report. She is a real winner. The picture was obviously never getting to the right people. I was scheduled to move and closing was now pushed back 4 days.

Thankfully the seller agreed to let me move into the house on the original day of closing. On move in day, I went to his agents office to pick up the key. I walked in and she was talking to a guy in the lobby. The guy was the most intense guy I've ever seen. He was talking about the war, politics, global news and was actually knowledgeable and not just spewing dumbassness (that's a real word right?) As someone who avoids the news because its too depressing I was in awe. As he was walking out the door, the agent called him by name. I should have spoken up right then but I didn't. When he was safely in his truck I said, so that's the guy I'm buying my house from? His agent told me he was on his way back to Iraq (he's an independent contractor) but that he wanted to meet the person he sold his house to. He wasn't going to be able to make the new closing date.

4 days later during closing, he calls. His agent tells him  that I was the buyer, so in a round about way he did get to meet me. I spoke to him and thanked him for all the work he did and allowing me to move in early. I told him how much I love the house and how grateful I was that he allowed me to buy it. He also had it for rent and without knowing it, a friend of mine had a contract in to rent it right when I put the offer in to buy. My friend and I laugh about it now, no worries she found a house she adores.

I was in my house a week when I hear something outside. I go outside to find someone mowing. He stops and explains the seller paid to have my lawn mowed because he thought I would be too busy unpacking to get around to it. He is in another country and yet he worried enough to have my lawn mowed. That's when I started referring to the seller as Captain America.


Friday is my second favorite F word

On Tuesday I thought it was Thursday, on Thursday I thought it was Wednesday. It has been one messed up week.

I was so excited when I moved into the house, to decorate my mantle. It was one of the things that drew me to the house. I've been here 2 weeks now and I haven't hung any decorations up. I just don't know what to do with it now that I have it. Here it is before I moved in. It not much better now.

Emmy has signed up for Cross Country, which I call track (hello! running is involved) and keep getting corrected. I was excited because her practice is beside Abbey's. She should be done a few minutes before Abbey, except they have been getting out an hour early. It makes me happy I moved a mile from the school. I can actually go home between the two.

I found myself needing a trivet. I remembered I had tiles, I bought at the Habitat resale store, with some tracing and painting I made several that I love. These two are my faves.
Abbey had been begging to go to the local fair. Some friends of hers were going so I dropped her off. I swear the guys taking money from the cars talked to the car in front of me for 20 minutes. I started to turn around in the lane and leave but he stopped me from turning around, I apologized for breaking up his family reunion. He said he was doing business, but unless you have to take your shoes off to count  that high, it shouldn't take that long to say ok 5 people at whatever admission.I really find myself losing all patience these days.

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png

People I want to punch in the face

Adults can say what they want about teenagers and their "attitudes" and rudeness, But I'm here to tell you, I encountered some seriously rude adults this weekend that needed a punch in the face BADLY.

School year has started which means fundraisers for everything under the sun. Yeah, I know its sucks. You know what else sucks. School budget issues and the fact that if a band (or any extra curricular organization) wants to be competitive they have to pimp the kids out to raise money. In my opinion that's the biggest suck of it all.

Anyway...... The band does a fundraiser at the beginning of every year that is actually really good. They solicit from the area business to advertise a special on a "band card" its really just a discount card that is good for 25 area businesses. Mostly fast food. The general discount is 10% off. This is good every visit for an entire year.They pretty much sell themselves. I just got 10 on Thursday and have already sold half of them.

So we were at WalMart selling these cards. I was only there for 2 hours and that was long enough to want to smack some adults. As the parent, I handled money and the kids asked people as they walked in if they wanted to help support the Rowan County Band. In the space of just two hours I had people stop pull out their wallets, say oh its the band, and then continue to walk on. About 90% of the people who spoke said I don't live here. Ummm 90% of you all don't live here? Really? yeah, I'm not buying it. Neither were the kids. All you had to do was so no thank you, or I have no cash right now.

The rudest were a lady said no but I support the Jessamine Co band. (thats about 2 1/2 hours away and not in our class.) I said Oh, I'm so sorry...for you. Yeah that was pissy, and probably not really good role model behavior. But I go way back ( to my high school years) with Jessamine Co band program. Lets just say the little bastards took a baseball bat to our drum major's podium. I'm still holding a grudge.

The nest rudest was a man who said "I can't I'm a teacher at West Carter" (about an hour away) Wow I didn't know that by being a teacher that means you can't take part in discounts at restaurants at you may eat at in the county you are doing your shopping in.

The kids I was supervising were amazing. They just smiled and said thank you anyway to all of the rude people. It made the sweet people that stopped just to donate money, or those who were excited about supporting the band AND getting a discount at Bdubs, among other places, that much sweeter. I would have seriously been like this to the rude people.


All moved in

I'm officially moved into my house. I'm mostly unpacked, although I still can't find the home phones, or Westley's leashes. 

After getting the bathroom unpacked, I learned something really weird. Apparently, my hamper has a spring in the bottom. How else can you explain why two days in a row I have found dirty clothes laying beside the hamper? Surely the girls wouldn't do that.
Having lived in my house for a week now, I think I can safely say I am more in love with it now than I . was making the offer on it. It feels like home. Which I guess is a good thing, since I will be collecting AARP by the time its paid for.

Emmy had a friend over on Friday and they thought it was really cool that we could walk to Chicabiddy's the FroYo shop. They filled their cup up to overflowing.
Its been a great week. I hope I can figure out why my hamper keeps throwing clothes out.


It pays off in the end

People tell me that all the time. Usually when I am complaining about why something isn't happening as fast as I want it to. I am a seriously impatient person. When I decide I want something it has to be right then. No amount of telling me to relax, be patient, good things come to those who wait, mattered. I just don't get the whole delayed gratification thing.

I've been trying to buy a house since my first divorce 5 years ago. We lived in a house his grandparents owned. A cute little brick ranch in a neighborhood of brick ranches, walking distance to the girls elementary school (I'm really trying to remember to call it this inside of grade school like it was when I was that age)

Its been one thing after another. Had I known I was going to spend my life alone, I probably would have done a few things differently in college. Like choice a career path that equaled money instead of something I enjoyed. But that's a story for another day.

On Friday, at 2:00 I will be signing my name 200 million times and getting the keys to my first house. I really didn't think I would ever get to this point.

So I guess I am trying to make the announcement that I will officially be in debt the rest of my life....but NEVER have to move again unless I'm moving to a nursing home into a confession. Ok here is a confession...I wanted to punch a lot  of people during this crazy process. Most recently the appraiser who screwed me over twice. I somehow refrained and my reward is a set of shiny keys to my very own bachelorette pad.

Vodka and Soda

College and career ready?

There is a big push in Kentucky high schools and I'm assuming it may be nationwide to not just graduate kids but to graduate them ready for something. We ask 8th graders what they want to be when they grow up and they spend the rest of high school taking classes to prepare them for that. While I'm sure some kids know what they want to do and this is a great thing. If we can graduate high schoolers that are already certified nursing assistants that is awesome. If we can graduate students that have child care experience, that's good. Kids ready to farm, weld, mechanic etc...great. But that leaves a large group of kids out.

I'm not sure it's necessarily good for everyone. What about the kids that know they want college but have no clue what they want to be. What about the kids that are artistic an want to do band, choir, speech etc but have said they want to be a doctor. They miss out on all of those artistic classes in order to take classes that won't necessarily help them. 

I know times have changed since I graduated, but I love that we had a list of classes and we developed our schedules based on our interests while still being true to the college admission requirements. 

I changed my major 5 times in college. I could have loaded up on a pathway that would have meant anything when I graduated. Instead I took what I needed to get accepted and then broadened my interests with subjects I thought I enjoyed. Which in the end made me a better, more well rounded college student. 

After high school orientation, I really felt like the school was trying to punk me. According to the principle up until this year they allowed kids to retake tests that they didn't like the grades on. I knew the elementary and middle schools did that, but it just seemed like retaking tests isn't a good way to actually prepare high school kids for life. According to the guidance counselor a former student came back to talk to the principal because he was "traumatized" their word not mine. Apparently his college professor laughed at him when he failed his first test of the semester and asked when the retake was. Am I the only person that saw that one who that one coming? I have serious reservations about public high school. I think what may have been the saddest was there were parents concerned that is was a bad move. I whispered to Em that even with her dyslexia, I had no doubts she could study for and pass a test. If other kids are struggling that badly maybe there needs to be a study skills/time management class. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Parents really push for a specific class or set time for their kids to research colleges, and apply to them.....during school. I remember when I was a senior. I did all of that at home outside of school, while participating in two after school activities (band and swimming).

I'm really trying to decide which group I think are more nutty, parents or the school administrators. 

What can I say?

There is so many things I could talk about today.

I should be closing on my house this week. Which isn't a moment too soon considering my ex has rented out the house I am living in.

School starts back this week, and I am not looking forward to it. I enjoy our laid back summer schedule even if I am still going to work everyday,

My youngest got invited to go on a caribean cruise with her friends family. I am kinda sad my child will get to go on a cruise before me.

I'm wondering if Emmy's school hates her teacher. They have put everyone of Emmy's "best friends" in one class. I was hoping to change Emmy's school. I am moving into a different school district, The elementary school that Em could go to is right beside the high school that Abbey goes to. That would be awesome for me since I take the girls to school. However, since the school has decided to let Emmy have a year with everyone she loves, I'll never get her to agree to change schools. Her dad lives beside the school so she can continue to attend. Its her last year anyway.

I am wondering WTF is up with some parents that they would allow their child to post this as their job? Hitler @ Burning Jews? If my child even thought about doing this, even as a (dumb ass) joke she'd never see the light of day. She'd be grounded from everything except breathing. That is not funny, or cute. Its tacky, tasteless, and shows what a low class, racisit person you are.

I am hoping I will blog more this week. I am avoiding packing, because I am tired of it so that seems like a great way to procrastinate.
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