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That I get excited about seeing school supplies out,but not excited about school starting back. Our lives are much more laid back during the summer and I don't look forward to the rushing that the school year brings.

That I could be moving in 2 weeks, but haven't started packing at all. I am just so afraid that yet another housing situation is going to fall through. I love this house and yet I am keeping myself as reserved as I can, because until my name is on the paperwork it could go away like the others.

That I had a good laugh at a couple I saw in the lobby of my office this morning. They were both wearing the same shade of green. He in a button up and she in a sundress. At first I thought it may be a uniform of a company they worked for.  When I asked if I could help them, because they looked lost. I learned she works at the other end of the hall and he was looking for the investment company. So,  they chose to look like leprechauns today.
Airing My Dirty Laundry


  1. I so hate packing. I hope the housing situation works out for you.

    I love school supplies too!

  2. Im ready for school to start back.... then I can reclaim my house. Its a disaster area.

  3. I really hate moving. But, like that when I do move we get rid of loads of junk.That part I like. Back to school! I don't even want to think about it yet. I like the laid back feel of summer. Late night swimming, movies and other activities. Then the quiet morning when I can blog without anyone fighting, because they are all sleeping. :) Popped over from Airing My Dirty Laundry. :)

    1. I have moved a lot lately. This will be my 6th move in 5 years. I'm hoping the house closes soon so I can finally be settled. I dread actually going back to school. We feel so rushed and I hate that. Thanks for visiting :) Hope you stop by again.


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