I googled WHAT!?!?!?

I have been looking forward to this link up all week. I google everything. If someone has a question i'm always the first to say Google It!

So last week I googled.

The story behind Marvin Gaye's death- Apparently he was on drugs and he and his dad got into an argument. He pushed his dad, and his dad came back into the room and shot him.

If you could make a Trivet using scrapbook paper on top- The jury is sill out on this one. Some sights say yes and that covering it with a sealant is fine, others say use an epoxy.  I think setting something hot on paper no matter what it is covered in is asking for trouble.

Those are probably the oddest things I've googled..

These are the Keyword people have used to find me. I just don't even know what to say about this.

I want snow no, no I don't. I did nothing but rant about this snow last winter. Which may be how they found me, but you'll rarely hear me say I want snow. If I do its because I want a snow day.

4 guys and 3 girls um whateven. I just don't even want to know what they were looking for

Creepy Stalker meme I hope I was able to help. Although I'm not so sure. I do suspect I have some lurkers

Facebook my life sucks Lets get this out in the open. NO ONE on facebook cares if your life sucks. I did have a post ranting about facebook. Actually I have a few posts ranting about facebook so this may be where it came from. Most days I wonder why I have FB. It drives me crazy.

Go From My Life What does this even mean?

One Word Replies Not sure about this one either. But it makes me think of grump cat. I would totally post a meme of but for some reason my computer doesn't want to let me save pics.....gotta go google that.


  1. Tyson and I were talking about Marvin Gaye's death the other day, I didn't know his father shot him until Tyson told me. I thought it was a random shooting or something.

  2. Lol people and google are hilarious! Its def my go to!

  3. Wow, I didn't know that about Marvin Gaye. Yikes.

    A lot of people find my blog by typing in something about underpants on Google.

  4. haha I love what people Google to get to our blogs! That facebook my life sucks one is super strange!!


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