Hollyday present ideas

Its 11 days until the best Hollyday of the year. I know you've probably already gotten me my present but just in case you have't here is a list of totally resonable items you can give me.

A Mini Cooper.
I built one on the Mini USA website. It will only cost 30,290

To close on my house. I'm sick of this consuming my every waking moment, and most of my sleeping moments. I just want to be done and settled. 

 A date with Greg Warren. I talked about him a few weeks ago when I said I finally got to see him perform. He is absolutely my favorite comedian. I love a man that can make me laugh.

  A vacation to somewhere tropical. I am so jealous of Kelli @Justbeachyblog. She gets to see this every single day.

A ride along with Tony Stewart or at the very least a life size billboard of him. That half smile and scruffy face kills me.


  1. Best I can do is a Toyota Yaris, a date with Gilbert Gottfried, and a ride along with Danica Patrick that most likely ends in a crash. Sound good?

    1. Hey that sounds awesome! I hear that when Danica is done with racing she has a job as a crash test dummy. They are really excited about all of her experience hitting the wall.

  2. I cannot support your Tony Stewart dream. I think I'd be more likely to buy you a mini cooper! Hopefully you get to close on the house though!!

    1. I know you can't support my Tony dream. This should be proof that I am attracted to douche bags. I am sick of this house thing. I'd almost just rather rent forever.A couple of weeks ago they said the 18th. Now they've stopped even talking about a date.

  3. Ooohhh a tropical vacation is good, even I'd take one of those and I live at the beach.


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