He said yes!

After years of looking, Ive finally found "the one". I wasted no time in making a commitment. I just can't believe he said yes! 

Relax, I'm not getting married again. I did however find my perfect house, which is probably more of a commitment for me than my previous marriages. 

House hunting has felt a little like dating. The agent introduces you, you go on a date (viewing) or two. You introduce them to all your close friends and family. If you're like me you also stalk them on zillow and realtor.com. I'd drive past them at all hours of the day and night and try to imagine my name connected to theirs....Holly Grass, Mabry dr? North willow? Main Street? Which one sounded the best? Which one could I imagine myself becoming homesick for? Which one would keep me warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and make me feel safe and loved? 
I've looked at tons of houses and there have always been some character flaw with it. Like a yard that is bigger than I want to mow. My ideal yard is a postage stamp. I realized I was drawn to older houses with character and details that you don't see everyday. I knew as soon as I walked into this house that it was the house for me. I made an offer instantly, when he countered I didn't bother countering I agreed. 

I kept comparing everything to my exs house that I'm living in right now. But it's been 2 months since the appraisal that halted all plans to buy until he fixed a few problems. Which meant he fixed some and I fixed the rest, the garage has been and is the last sticking point. I wanted to hang on to the house but he seems to have no real desire to get it torn down in time to progress. So I prepare to say goodbye to my cute little tree house in the woods and say hello to city life. Never mind that the houses are about 6 miles apart. 

I am really only dreading packing but at least I feel it's my last move, I'll finally have a place of my own thats all mine and only the city of Morehead can dictate what I do to it, And only the bank can as me to leave. I worry about the cats going from 15 acres of hill to roam and being dropped on the corner of the busiest street in the whole county. I'm so excited that the seller said yes to letting me have his house. 

On a completely side note, I've begun celebrating my birthday month early. Friday I went to a comedy club an saw my favorite comedian. I nearly cried he was so funny. Afterward when I told him what a huge fan I was, he hugged me and took a pic with me. It was one of the highlights of my life.
Here I am with Greg Warren. If you've never heard of him, google him now. He is hilarious!! 


  1. You're really, *really* going to have to switch them over into being full-time indoor cats. There's no way they deal with the traffic there, especially once the summer ends.

    1. Tigger, Ollie (if he stays with me), and Phenny will be mostly ok with that. They've been complete indoor cats before. I just don't know if the older girls will be too happy about staying in . They mostly stay out except to eat. They aren't big fans of the inside.

  2. Hey, if you get one of those crazy 50 year loans, then buying a house is definitely more commitment than marriage. And as for a big yard with tons of grass to mow, my parents solved that little problem by ripping everything up and putting in colorful rock. Looks better and requires nothing to maintain - my favorite kind of yard.

    Congrats on the purchase, and on meeting your favorite comedian!

    1. I would love a 50 year loan, I'm sure I'd be dead before it got paid off.

  3. I'm so glad you found a place you love!!!

  4. Congratulations on finding the one!

  5. This better be the last time, I am starting to regret buying you that super heavy shoe organizer thingie.


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