A few things I've learned this week

1. House hunting sucks. I've been looking forever and every time I find one online I like, and get a hold of my agent, its sale pending. Am I wrong in thinking my agent should be looking for things that fit me in my price range and not be going to him with things I find?

2. Backup plan of the ex husbands house may not be a backup plan after all. When people say they are coming to do work and then don't it really pisses me off.

3. I should not lay in bed and type a blog post on my phone. For some reason Apple auto corrects everything to make me seem drunk.

4. Back to house bitching, my kids are sick of hearing about houses, looking at houses, and dreaming about houses. They told me to leave them alone until I am under contract with one. Can't say I blame them. I am feeling the same way.

5. It feels like it is 200 degrees and I want a pool so bad. I really am tempted to get a plastic wading pool and laying in it.

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  1. hahaha 'got this far without killing anyone' I need that award today for sure. House hunting has to suck, I'm sure. All I've ever done is apartment hunt and I want to rip my eyes out. Houses have to be 1000x worse.


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