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I always dread the question, "So what do you do?"  See, I don't have a title that makes any sense to most people. Technical Assistance Coordinate. Ummmm so what kind of Technical Assistance....and how do you coordinate this.  Even the next question so who do you work FOR makes me cringe. So here it is all in one place.

Who do I work for?

I work for a wonderful company (name will not be said) they are my immediate managers because they handle the day to day operation of the grant that is held by a certain major university. This university is for some reason well known for basketball and causes everyone in this state except me to go crazy. So Who do I work for is tricky because I am a dual employee. I am so lucky because I have wonderful bosses with both organizations. I've never had supervisors as awesome as these people.

What I do......

I help people get child care centers open. I have a 10 county region and everyone in that region who wants to open a center either in their home or in a facility must  meet with me for a consultation and then I have to review their application before it goes on to the state level. I also do walk through before licensing comes to make sure everything is following regulations. When A center is officially open I assist them with staying in compliance with regulations. When it comes time for their renewals they have to meet with me again. I also sit on several committees. Like the Early Childhood Council.

I also do early childhood training, to help centers meet their professional development hours.

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful and rewarding position - even if it is hard to understand at first!

  2. That sounds interesting! I worked at a preschool before, I wish they had professional development or something bc that was like working with chimps.

  3. not the kids, the employees should have specified LOL

  4. Sometimes having a job that's hard to explain is better. Say... you're meeting someone who's difficult to converse with. You just give 'em all the details! Stave off the awkward pause for as long as possible!!! (I work with an energy trading company, and I occasionally make use of this)

    1. That is a plus, but usually they hear child care and say oh so you babysit. Doesn't matter that I rarely see actual kids.


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