He said yes!

After years of looking, Ive finally found "the one". I wasted no time in making a commitment. I just can't believe he said yes! 

Relax, I'm not getting married again. I did however find my perfect house, which is probably more of a commitment for me than my previous marriages. 

House hunting has felt a little like dating. The agent introduces you, you go on a date (viewing) or two. You introduce them to all your close friends and family. If you're like me you also stalk them on zillow and realtor.com. I'd drive past them at all hours of the day and night and try to imagine my name connected to theirs....Holly Grass, Mabry dr? North willow? Main Street? Which one sounded the best? Which one could I imagine myself becoming homesick for? Which one would keep me warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and make me feel safe and loved? 
I've looked at tons of houses and there have always been some character flaw with it. Like a yard that is bigger than I want to mow. My ideal yard is a postage stamp. I realized I was drawn to older houses with character and details that you don't see everyday. I knew as soon as I walked into this house that it was the house for me. I made an offer instantly, when he countered I didn't bother countering I agreed. 

I kept comparing everything to my exs house that I'm living in right now. But it's been 2 months since the appraisal that halted all plans to buy until he fixed a few problems. Which meant he fixed some and I fixed the rest, the garage has been and is the last sticking point. I wanted to hang on to the house but he seems to have no real desire to get it torn down in time to progress. So I prepare to say goodbye to my cute little tree house in the woods and say hello to city life. Never mind that the houses are about 6 miles apart. 

I am really only dreading packing but at least I feel it's my last move, I'll finally have a place of my own thats all mine and only the city of Morehead can dictate what I do to it, And only the bank can as me to leave. I worry about the cats going from 15 acres of hill to roam and being dropped on the corner of the busiest street in the whole county. I'm so excited that the seller said yes to letting me have his house. 

On a completely side note, I've begun celebrating my birthday month early. Friday I went to a comedy club an saw my favorite comedian. I nearly cried he was so funny. Afterward when I told him what a huge fan I was, he hugged me and took a pic with me. It was one of the highlights of my life.
Here I am with Greg Warren. If you've never heard of him, google him now. He is hilarious!! 

I'm a bitch

Ooops I guess I spoiler alerted you to my Wednesday Confession.

Yesterday because I didn't agree with someone they called me a bitch. Actually a F**** Bitch. Which isn't the first time I've been called that, and to be honest probably won't be the last.

See, just last week I was dropping something off to Correy on campus. He later said a fellow student asked him if I was a bitch because I looked like one. Now I'm not completely sure what a bitch looks like. I imagine it is this.
I personally don't mind people thinking I'm a bitch. It means I don't get drug into a lot of drama. It means most whiny people don't want to hang out with me for fear that their feelings will get hurt.

Vodka and Soda


A few things I've learned this week

1. House hunting sucks. I've been looking forever and every time I find one online I like, and get a hold of my agent, its sale pending. Am I wrong in thinking my agent should be looking for things that fit me in my price range and not be going to him with things I find?

2. Backup plan of the ex husbands house may not be a backup plan after all. When people say they are coming to do work and then don't it really pisses me off.

3. I should not lay in bed and type a blog post on my phone. For some reason Apple auto corrects everything to make me seem drunk.

4. Back to house bitching, my kids are sick of hearing about houses, looking at houses, and dreaming about houses. They told me to leave them alone until I am under contract with one. Can't say I blame them. I am feeling the same way.

5. It feels like it is 200 degrees and I want a pool so bad. I really am tempted to get a plastic wading pool and laying in it.

Marital advice

 Jill the oldest Duggar daughter got married this weekend. In keeping with their religious faith the couple shared their first kiss at their wedding. I know that they will get lots of marital advice, but I thought I'd provide some advice of my own. After all who doesn't like getting marital advice from a twice divorced spinster with 5 cats.

Don't underestimate the awesomeness of not falling in the toilet in the middle of the night.
Let her know often how special she is
Always have fun. Life is too serious. Take a step back and just let you're hair down. 
Trust is important in a relationship, but if you have worries or doubts....verify!
 Cuddling is ALWAYS. Welcome! So are foot rubs.

If all else fails...add some spice.
This is pretty accurate! Always have beer on hand it solves most of life's problems. 


9 to 5 total social

I always dread the question, "So what do you do?"  See, I don't have a title that makes any sense to most people. Technical Assistance Coordinate. Ummmm so what kind of Technical Assistance....and how do you coordinate this.  Even the next question so who do you work FOR makes me cringe. So here it is all in one place.

Who do I work for?

I work for a wonderful company (name will not be said) they are my immediate managers because they handle the day to day operation of the grant that is held by a certain major university. This university is for some reason well known for basketball and causes everyone in this state except me to go crazy. So Who do I work for is tricky because I am a dual employee. I am so lucky because I have wonderful bosses with both organizations. I've never had supervisors as awesome as these people.

What I do......

I help people get child care centers open. I have a 10 county region and everyone in that region who wants to open a center either in their home or in a facility must  meet with me for a consultation and then I have to review their application before it goes on to the state level. I also do walk through before licensing comes to make sure everything is following regulations. When A center is officially open I assist them with staying in compliance with regulations. When it comes time for their renewals they have to meet with me again. I also sit on several committees. Like the Early Childhood Council.

I also do early childhood training, to help centers meet their professional development hours.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Advice needed

I've been trying to buy a house for a hundred years. The hold up on closing on the house I currently live is the garage. When the appraiser came out, she said the garage needed. Structural report. Don't even ask me how hard it has been to track down an engineer to come look at the building. I've gone back on forth about perusing someone to evaluate it and just having it torn down. 

I don't know how much value id lose. Or even one they think is on need of structural report is even benefiting the house value. 

What would you do tear it down, or keep it? It's a 2 car garage with storage above it. I'd miss the storage but even that area leaks a little. What would you do? 


10 things I'd tell my graduating self

Its graduation time. Living in a college town, even if it is a small college, graduation means the town empties. Its a big anniversary for me this year. I get to look forward to my 20 year high school reunion. Yes, I know I am old. Yes, I also know I don't look (or act) my age. I take pride in that.

I've been thinking about the year I graduated a lot lately. How I thought my life was going to end up and how it really is are nothing alike. I've been thinking if I could go back in time and talk to me what would I tell myself.

1. Take earphones to your graduation. The speeches are long and boring, you will need something to entertain you

2. Good luck finding a job that pays decent, even more good luck finding a sugar daddy 

3. Don't be so afraid of failure that you change your major 200 times, just stick with the original plan

4. Please steer clear of the Sig Eps. They are douche bags and you will spend the rest of your life hating Dr. Seuss for being involved with them

5. High School never ends. You can't avoid bitches who want drama

6. Speaking of bitches. It will be amusing to look at  how the "popular girls" have aged

7. DON'T move back home. Get as far away as you can. An hour away is not actually far enough

8. Trust your instincts

9. Speaking of that, you will have many douchebag boyfriends bale as soon as you feel you should. I promise they never change

10. Always choose fun

There's a whole lotta cheating going on

Would you want to know if your partner either married or dating was cheating on you? Would you do something about it if you knew?

I posted recently about my sister outing the married guy she was dating (he told  her he was single) She let his wife know and the wife didn't care. She cared that she was publicly embarrassed but not that her husband was cheating.

I learned last night that a friend of mine was cheating on another friend of mine. I want to tell her but I don't know how or if it will cause more harm that good. The guy apparently has a Craigslist ad wanting casual sex. REALLY!?! I left a FB post that said I knew a friend of my was cheating on another friend of mine through craiglist. I was hoping he would feel guilty and come clean. so far he has not.

Yes some people may say its the pot calling the kettle black but I would never have cheated had I known for sure I had been cheated on (and I was) because I would have left. My family was ruined because of cheating. If my parents had just split up a decade sooner I would probably be in a better emotional state.

This was his response when my friend asked him if he was the husband of the woman he is cheating on. Why when there is a rough patch people want to bolt instead of working on the problem?

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