Today is an Abbeyday

Doesn't really have the same ring to it as Hollyday, but 14 years ago today (I know...I gasp at that huge number too) I gave birth to a child who may be short, even though she's taller than me, but she is NOT short on personality, attitude, beauty or sparkle.

I will try not to bore you  the boring details. But the high points are I was a baby, or so it felt, having a baby. She was everything a new mother dreaded in a child. She was set in her ways from day one (had to either be rocked a certain way or in a swing to go to sleep) She refused to take a bottle so even though I am a cow and could pump 18 oz (no joke) worth of milk in a sitting she refused it. Her first sentence was Shoe department please. I knew right then I was in trouble. Thankfully I had already raised 70+ kids while working in child care so I was a good match for this spunky kid.

So happy birthday to my oldest and most favorite teenager.


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    1. Thanks! I think I am going to start saying she and I are sisters

  2. Happy way too late birthday. She's beautiful Holly.


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