Retro gets a modern makeover....a look at my bathroom

I'm buying a house. I have that mentioned that about 200 million times, but it never gets old to me. This week the home appraiser came. I've been a wreck hoping that it is appraised where I need it to be so we can continue on with the other million things that need to be done before it is legally mine.  I am currently living in the house that I am buying, so I have started doing some work on it already. One of the first rooms that I finished was the bathroom. I wish I had thought to take a before pic. But basically three walls were white and one was navy blue which really made the baby blue tub and toilet stand out.

I wanted a paint color that was fun but also didn't make the dated tub and toilet look completely out of place. My sister picked this green color which instantly made the bathroom look tropical or at least to me. I added the stripped painting which reminds me of an abstract ocean sunset. I have slanted walls (because I live in a triangle) and I needed to anchor the top and the bottom of the painting to get it to stay on the wall.
The big black thing on the wall holds all my favorite nail polishes. I only display my sinful color brand of polish. I am hard core in love with the polish. Its the only thing I can get to stay on my nails. I have no idea what the polish holder really is. I found it several years ago at a yard sale.
On the side I added cup hooks and hung my necklaces and on another shelf I added my bracelets.
On the basin top I added cute polka dot containers that are the same color as the tub and toilet. They hold my make up brushes and lip sticks.

I have a weird alcove beside the shower that also has slanted walls. I found a 4 shelf cubby. Similar to those I've seen posted from IKEA. However I don't have an IKEA anywhere near me and had to resort to WalMart. I use it to hold my towels and baskets that hold random bathroom needs and wash cloths. Beside this is also a litter box, but I didn't think you wanted to see my cats toilet.
On top of this cubby I added a basket to hold toilet paper and a sail boat to give it a nautical touch.
My friends at the Cassani Company gave me a Fogless shower mirror to try. I'm telling you we all love this mirror. Its so sleek that we don't have to worry about accidentally hitting it and knocking it off the shower wall. It really is fogless, and was super easy to install. Emmy has used it to make sure she has gotten all the soap out of her hair when she showers. When the girls are hogging the vanity mirror in the morning I sometimes use it to put my make up on. Its easy to remove from the hanger, if you need a quick peek at the back of your hair before you head out. If you want to try one. Here is the Amazon link.

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