Prom throw back

Abbey went to the prom last weekend. It was fun for me to help her pick out a dress, decide on her hair, and flowers. Abbey was so whatever about it that she just let me take over. I always love when I take over things.

Dress shopping went easier than I thought. We looked at prom magazines before we went and knew we were looking for a short dress. The second store we went to we found 2. I loved one, she loved the other. I knew from my past (5 proms) that the one I loved was more "prom" appropriate. The one she likes would make a good homecoming dress. So I did what any mom would do. I bought both dresses. Don't worry they were both on sale and I got them for less than 100. Combined. Yeah I did a happy dance all the way out of the store.

Long story short, she chose my dress. I picked out flowers to match. I know that's suppose to be a guy  thing, but I really do have control issues. My sister picked out her jewelry. Abbey was extremely stressed about being too blingy. Is that even possible. She was nervous about being all dressed up and tried to talk me into letting her wear combat boots. Ummmmm NO. I got so many great pictures that I can't share them all. So I will just share a few.

 No she is not naked. I promise!

 We had to cut loose and do some fun pics.

Now for the throw back. I was so clueless when I went to my first prom. I was a freshmen. My date was a senior and my neighbor. He asked me like 2 weeks before prom and I had to borrow a dress. It was kinda awful. But I had lots of fun. OMG I even did my hair myself. Its pretty sad.
By my senior year I had time to learn what prom dress was all about and was more in style. I cut my date out of the pic because even though I went to prom an hour away from where I currently live, my date for my senior prom has a child at Abbey's school. His wife is on the PTO with me. I just try to forget all of that, so Abbey and his daughter don't feel awkward. 

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  1. hahaha omg you as a freshman! Both photos are awesome. And Abbey looks so pretty, good choice on the dress for sure. Great color on her.


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