One year later

I was going to post pics of my weekend deck rail building. But, in honor of Memorial Day I thought I'd share the other thing I did this weekend.

Last year my youngest daughter lost her best friend right after school ended. It was unexpected and two days before her friends birthday. (original post about it) This years, Emmy asked if we could go see Alexis for Alexis's birthday. Of course I said yes. We bought a little angel that said something about friends forever, Emmy wrote her a note and got dressed up because its Alexis's birthday and you have to look nice. 

The last time we went it was soon after she had died and there were flowers but no headstone yet. It actually looked a little lonely by itself. This time it was almost festive with all the pink and flowers and balloons. Emmy laid her gift on the grave and looked at the items that were all new. Then she wanted to talk to her friend alone. So I started walking to the car, I turned back to take a pic of my baby standing by her friends grave. I could barely fight back the tears.
I am so thankful for my girls. I can't even imagine what her parents are feeling. It's been a year and Emmy and I still cry. 


  1. How incredibly heartbreaking. Even the fact that she can muster a smile in that picture is incredible.

  2. It breaks my heart too. No parent should have to bury their baby


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