Just another weekend

I have been back and forth and around and around what to write about today. At first I thought Oh! Mothers day was yesterday. Let's talk about that. But it was no different than any other Sunday except Emmy made me about 20 pearl beaded bracelets and necklaces; and Abbey posted Happy Mothers Day to me, and her dads girlfriend on face book.

I googled a weird symptom that I am having and now I am convinced I have Lou Gehrig's disease...or Thyroid Cancer.
After planting over 200 dollars worth of bulbs and seeds and having only 3 start to sprout. I bought about 100 more this weekend and decided maybe I just need a container garden. I did a lot of spray painting and planting. I feel sorry for these flowers. They don't know they are doomed to die. 

I mowed. For the first time in my life. I am not a big fan of it, but thankfully my actual yard is small and I can finish pretty quick. 

 So how was your Mother's Day weekend?


  1. The fact that you were mowing already made your Mother's Day weekend infinitely better than mine, because it's been snowing its ass off all weekend and I couldn't leave the house to do a damn thing.

  2. I had a good weekend.

    Ahh mowing. I have to do it if my husband is deployed.

  3. There's no telling what I would end up havin if I googled my symptoms LOL


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