Hallelujah its Friday

1. One more week of school left. Even though I no longer get summers off, I am still looking forward to not having to get the girls up.

2. My friend Ben and his girlfriend are visiting from Virginia and I can't wait. I need a weekend away with my friend Jager. Speaking of Jager I got a Jager tee shirt.

3. My toilet has continued flushing which is a giant relief. In case you missed it you can read all about my bathroom misadventure here

4. I haven't said to much about this, but I took on 2 big projects at work and have been frantically working on 2 grants. I finally turned them in on Wednesday. Now to wait....
5. Its almost election primary.....I sooo can not wait.  I so sick of ads and signs and random strangers showing up at my door. Also, come back and visit on Monday. I will share my top reasons for not voting for a candidate. HINT it has NOTHING to do with what party they are for.


  1. Happy Friday!

    My kids get out of school next week too. I'm a little afraid.

    1. I should be. Since dad is living with us I'm slightly afraid they may kill him. lol

  2. My kids get out of school next week too but they still have to get up early to go to daycare...ugh adults should get summer vacation too!

    1. We should get summers off. Especially on pretty days when all you want to do is be outside.

  3. Happy Friday! I work all weekend as a server, lol.

    I used to love getting summers off as a student. I bet you have some fun things planned for the little ones. I hope you and your friends from Virginia have an amazing weekend!

    1. I miss summers off. I use to teach and summers off were awesome. But I like my current job better. We don't really have any plans. other than a little vacation and laying in the pool, if we ever get it up. I hate you have to work all weekend. I use to work fast food. That sucked pretty bad.

  4. oh how i love the BBT gifs. Gifs are great anyways but Big Bang Theory makes them even better esp if they Sheldon in them.

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