Don't make me fork you

I do trainings for child care centers so they can get their PD hours in. Its not my day job, but it is one that I love. Last night I did a training about dealing with difficult people (coworkers and parents). Lets face it nothing says drama like a bunch of girls working together, add some mommy bears and you have the potential for some serious drama.

It was really weird doing that training because lately I have been having to deal with 2 people that drive me INSANE. Like I want to stab them with a fork (or any other handy object) One thing I said last night was "Everyone is someone's difficult person) WHAT!?! When I heard myself say that I thought, nope not me. I am everyone's favorite...ALWAYS...right?!?!

My confession is, I really don't have patience, like none at all. I'm sorry people have to deal with that lol.

Vodka and Soda


  1. Drama chicks will be the death of me girl. I can't stand em.

  2. Oh lord that railing. Ha! Yeah... I think I'm a LOT of people's difficult person. Whatever, if you can't hear the truth, stay away from me!


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